Mobile Kappa Leaguers A/B Honor Roll
2nd Semester 2020  
Congratulations to our first quarter A/B Honor Roll Mobile Kappa Leaguers.  
A/B Honor Roll Spotlights
Kappa Leaguer Jamie Bellman III, a 2nd Quarter straight "A" student, gave us his insights on learning this quarter. He stated, "I think in-person school is better than virtual school because you are better able to grasp concepts, which facilitates learning. You also get a chance to hang out with your friends and participate in school activities instead of sitting in the house all day. Also, the virtual school gives more work. But I think virtual school can be helpful because there is no rush to turn in work. Jamie's parents motivate and encourage him to get good grades to earn a scholarship to attend college. He said, "my goal is to get a full-ride to the college of my choice. I do not want to have to pay for college." 
Kappa Leaguer Trey Fenderson, a 2nd Quarter A/B Honor Roll student, chimed in with his insights on learning this quarter, ... "The pros of virtual learning are saving time you'd use traveling to school, while a con is not getting the whole school experience. When asked about time management, Trey responded, "I manage my time with sports, academics, and Mobile Kappa League activities by having a schedule where I set time aside to do certain things. I also set reminders on my phone." Trey said, "My future in baseball motivates me to make good grades. I know that playing baseball will not last forever, so I work hard to keep my 4.02 GPA to obtain a great ACT score.
I look forward to attending college and meeting new people." 
Let Us Welcome “The KLassic 23”
After the Spring 2021 Kappa League inductees transitioned into The Mobile Kappa League, we asked new member, Chenglin Chen, about what the Mobile Kappa League represents and why he desired to make this commitment. He said, “The welcoming introduction of Kappa League from my friends made me look to Kappa League for life guidance and improvement. I seek self-improvement and involvement in my community. What sets the Mobile Kappa League apart from the others is simply the welcoming brotherhood which made me feel accepted amongst people who did not know me, and the well-renowned reputation of the Mobile Kappa League in building strong and intelligent people.”
Inductee Ryan Mosley said, “I joined the Mobile Kappa League because I saw it as an opportunity to develop into a young leader, increase my social skills, and gain the knowledge that I need to succeed in my future. I seek to grow a bond with the other young men in the Mobile Kappa League, pushing each other to perform our best in everything we do. The Mobile Kappa League is not just a group for boys to participate in; it is an organization that helps boys become young men, which is on another level of seriousness. Everyone is always prepared to compete and to show out at anything that they do.”
The Mobile Kappa League Spring 2021 inductees “The Klassic 23” 
MLK Day of Service 2021  
Mobile Kappa Leaguers are active community servants, but 2nd Vice-President, Kevin Foster Jr., says, "this year has been a challenging year for community service, seeing as though we must follow the CDC guidelines and not be in groups together. With this in mind, my brothers and I thought that it would be good to collect and give out socks to those in need on Martin Luther King Day. We chose socks because the weather was frigid for Mobile, and we wanted people to keep their feet warm and dry. We donated the socks to the Waterfront Mission."
Kevin Foster Jr., MKL 2nd Vice-President
L. to R. - Kendall Young (Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.), Kevin Foster Jr.,
Waterfront Rescue Mission Staff 
ACT Bootcamp
The Mobile Kappa League hosted another successful ACT Workshop with Dr. Wycondia West. According to Kappa Leaguer, Timothy Mack, “the ACT workshop helped him in many ways. I learned new strategies and tips on how to manage my time better on the ACT. I also relearned concepts that I had forgotten.” Kappa Leaguer, Kendle McCaskey, said, “The ACT workshop with Dr. West covered Reading and Math. The Math session was beneficial because we went over several fundamentals you do not learn in detail in high school. At the end of each segment, Dr. West would give us practice questions, which I think helped us out.”
Soccer Season 2021
We are in full throttle with soccer season. Kappa Leaguers Jamaray Porter and Triston Cohen are seniors on the Faith Academy Soccer Team, and Joshua Davis is entering his second year on the Murphy High School Soccer Team. Joshua has played Soccer for two years, and he says, "I enjoy playing this sport because you do not wear heavy equipment like American football. Soccer is fun, and it challenges you to be fast on your feet and have technique." Jamaray has played Soccer since he was ten, and he says, "I simply love the game. Soccer is an amazing sport to play because it forces me to have chemistry with mates on and off the field. Soccer has also built my leadership skills because I have to work with people who bring different skill sets to the team." Triston Cohen has played Soccer for 13 years, and he says, "Soccer is everything, it has become a lifestyle for me, and God has spoken to me through this sport. Soccer has taught me to support and stand up for my teammates when they are at their best or lowest. I thank God for every touch I get on the ball."
Mobile Kappa League Alumni Spotlight
Mobile Kappa League alumni, Executive Chef, Justin Robinson. He is a graduate of McGill-Toolen Catholic High School and Auburn University. Justin is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. 
Mobile Kappa League alumni, Kadarius Toney is shown practicing at the 2021 Reese’s Senior Bowl. He is a graduate of Blount High School and attends the University of Florida.
Mobile Kappa League Alumni, Olabode “Dayo” Anise has been hired as a Google Software Engineer. He is a graduate of Murphy High School and Auburn University. Dayo is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. 
Mobile Kappa League Alumni, Kevin Jefferson, a US National Guard, who was mobilized to protect the U.S. Capitol on January 6. He is a graduate of McGill-Toolen Catholic High School and Troy University. Kevin is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. 
Mobile Kappa League alumni, Justin Walker and his wife, Amber, at Justin’s ordination into the ministry at High Point Baptist Church. Justin is a graduate of Faith Academy and the University of South Alabama.
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