Desert Jewel Institute
June, 2016

Just surrender it. Let it go!
Easy to say. Harder to do! 
Our doubts, fears and issues are so easily triggered.
Then we obsess.  We replay it in our head, not helping
but so hard to stop.
Here are a few keys to undoing the pattern and setting yourself free.
ü  When you notice the repetition of the event in your mind:
o    Visualize a stop sign (stop the thinking pattern)
o    Substitute and repeat a suitable, positive replacement thought:
§  I am letting that go.
§  I am enough.
§  I can handle criticism.
o    Get feedback from another person
o    Consider that what happened may be less about you and more about the person who offended you.
ü  Journaling about the event may clear it or give a different perspective.
o    The person who upset you, who in your family does he/she remind you of?
o    Have events like this upset you before? Identify the pattern.
ü  Meditate on it and ask what I need to know about this situation.
ü  Use Doreen Virtue's angel cards and ask for clarification on the situation.
ü  Work with a healer or a counselor to discover your limiting belief that caused the triggering event to be so big in your head.
ü  Repeat as necessary. Stop, replace, and practice letting go.
ü  If you can't do it with a big one. Try it on the next small one. Part of the key is practicing new responses.


Lynne Cockrum-Murphy
Desert Jewel Institute