It's all in the blend
"You're supposed to learn from each other,
blend from each other...."

George Clinton
Ron and I are pretty good at blending things. Throughout the years, we've successfully blended households, families and, more recently, careers. When Ron asked me to join Eagle Home Inspections, I wasn't sure if we could work in a business together, but the result of blending our talents has been far greater than we had even imagined!

A terrific spouse does not always make the best business partner. Choosing the wrong business partner can set you down a path to failure. If you are considering joining your spouse in a business venture, it's important to set romance aside and evaluate your individual strengths and weaknesses before making that final decision.

Balancing personal with profession is definitely challenging and not for everyone. For those of you who want to take the plunge, here are some key factors to consider before blending your monetary with your matrimony.

  1. The importance of trust. There is a steep learning curve with any new business venture. It's important to trust each other unconditionally. As long as you do, you'll be more likely to navigate bumps in the road through communication rather than confrontation.
  2. Shared vision and expectations. It's critical to discuss your objectives prior to entering into a business relationship. Make sure that your vision and expectations are in alignment.
  3. Keeping pace. It's common for resentments to arise when one partner outworks the other. You don't have to keep the same daily hours as long as your partner's work ethic mirrors yours and you are each putting in your absolute best effort, completing your assigned tasks and meeting your company's common goals .
  4. Values. Every decision you make as a business owner is a reflection of your values. As long as you and your spouse share the same values, it will be easier making large and small decisions that ensure your company's health.
  5. A true caring. If you both put your heart and soul into building something special together, you will genuinely care whether it succeeds or fails. And you will be more likely to go that extra mile to find a solution and make it work.

Blended Butternut Squash Soup

This creamy delicious soup is simple to make, yet elegant enough to grace your
holiday table.

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