January 12, 2020
The 2020 Legislative Session has begun
Dear Friend,

Happy New Year!

It is my honor to represent you in the Maryland House of Delegates. I have been busy in recent months preparing my action plan for the Maryland General Assembly's 2020 legislative session which began on Wednesday, April 8 and lasts for 90 days. Below is a preview of some issues we will be considering and the list of bills I plan to personally champion.

First Order of Business - Veto Overrides
A number of bills that passed the House and Senate during the 2019 session were vetoed by the Governor. In the coming days, we will consider whether to override these vetoes. A super majority vote of both the House and Senate is required to override a veto.

  • House Bill 66 (SB252) - Railroad Company - Movement of Freight - Required Crew
  • House Bill 262 (SB537) - Higher Education - Tuition Rates - Exemptions (Dream Act)
  • House Bill 720 (SB830) - Natural Resources - Fishery Management Plans - Oysters
  • House Bill 891 - State Personnel - Grievance Procedures
  • House Bill 994 (SB839) - Labor and Employment - Criminal Record Screening Practices (Ban the Box)
  • House Bill 1281 - Transportation – Bikeways Network Program and Central Maryland Regional Transit Plan
  • House Bill 1343 (SB1000) - Public Safety - Handgun Permit Review Board - Repeal
  • Senate Bill 751 - Governor’s Appointments Office, Appointing Authorities, and the Secretary of Budget and Management – Duties and Reports
Delegate Carr's Action Plan
Here are some of the bills I will be personally championing during the 2020 session:

Promoting Energy Efficiency and Reducing Carbon Emissions
  • The County and Municipal Street Lighting Investment Act (to be introduced) - Reduces emissions, saves money and improves safety by allowing local governments to invest in modern, energy efficient LED street lighting infrastructure Support by signing petition

Open Government
  • Funding and Transparency Database Improvements (HB71) - Adds agencies to the state’s searchable vendor spending disclosure web page and requires monthly instead of annual updates
  • Maryland Public Information Act Reforms (to be introduced) - on the 50th anniversary of the MPIA, closes loopholes that government agencies use to avoid disclosure of public records
  • HOC Governance (MC 2-20 & MC 5-20) - Requires Montgomery County’s Public Housing Agency to improve the transparency of public meetings, spending and audits; Strengthens spending rules 
  • BiCounty Agency Ethics Reports (PG/MC 102-20) - Requires three bicounty agencies to make annual lobbying and conflict of interest reports available by publishing them online 

Sustainable Transportation Policies
  • Mandatory Referrals (PG/MC 101-20) - Ensures state transportation projects are appropriately reviewed by our planning agency and the public
  • Cashless Tolling Reform (HB38) - Limits predatory late fees on small tolls. Eliminates suspension of vehicle registration for toll debt.  Support by Signing Petition Recent Press coverage Marylanders for Better Toll Road Policies Facebook Page
  • ICC Court Venue (HB48) - Simplifies the process of assigning a court date and location for contested cashless tolls 
  • Motor Vehicle Registration Flexibility (to be introduced) - Gives vehicle owners renewing tags online a choice between a term of one or two years 
  • Toll Agency Transparency (HB72) - requires Maryland’s toll roads agency to make their meetings available to the public via live streaming
  • Vehicle Registration Suspension (HB46) - prevents agencies from suspending tags over traffic debt for minor infractions
  • Reducing Fines for minor offenses (to be introduced) - Reduces the fine for failure to produce a vehicle registration card during a traffic stop to $10 (currently $50)
  • Don’t Block the Box (HB70) - improves safety by allowing enforcement of a rule requiring drivers to enter an intersection only if it can be safely cleared before the signal changes.
  • Red Light Camera Reciprocity (to be introduced) - expands the ability of local law enforcement to hold out-of-state drivers accountable for unsafe actions

  • PANDAS coverage (to be introduced) - implements recommendations of the work group to improve insurance coverage for children treated for a condition called Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders
  • Hospital Facility Fees (to be introduced) - improves disclosure about surprise healthcare facility fee charges

Estate Planning
  • Vessels - Transfer on Death (HB55) - Puts boat owners on par with motor vehicle owners by allowing them to designate a beneficiary

Economic Development
  • MC 15-20 - Expansion of the Kensington restaurant zone
Keep in Touch
Besides email newsletters like this one, I use Facebook and Twitter to keep constituents updated.

Please feel free to contact my Annapolis office if you need assistance with a state agency, want information about Legislative Scholarships, or have questions, concern or suggestions about legislation or current issues, etc.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Delegate Al Carr
Maryland's 18th Legislative District

6 Bladen St Room 222
Annapolis, MD 21401

(301) 858-3638 - office phone
Note: No campaign donations may be accepted during the 90-day legislative session that began at noon on January 8, 2020. Thank you for your support!