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Here are photos of some church friends
experiencing "NEW THINGS"
Here is a story of a church family
experiencing "NEW THINGS"
"We have found some favorite things that tend to raise [our] spirits. The pool almost always, and ice cream or shaved ice. And a new thing the kids loved today: they found a baby tree frog in my house! What a cool find. They set him free in the woods. Definitely a needed fun thing."
I haven't seen you in what feels like forever. And you haven't seen your other church friends either. Let's share new things! Do you have a new skill? Did you celebrate a birthday? Do you have a new family member? TELL US!
What's new with you?
Another chance to see Miss Rebecca on video? WOW!
Cokesbury Kids Facebook page includes a weekly virtual Sunday school time, featuring the Deep Blue videos and other curriculm.
For July 26, the online Sunday school teacher was Miss Rebecca! You can find a link to that premiere on the Cokesbury Kids page too!
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Peace and justice go together.
What helps you to feel peaceful?
How can you be peaceful?
Check out this week's video...
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Charlie is looking for inner peace. Where can he find it? Can Rebecca help?
Join them for the Children's Moment this coming Sunday morning, during the 10am online worship service on
the University UMC YouTube channel or Facebook page
Rebecca Dyck,
Director of Children and Family Ministries
Join us Sundays at 10am
for "distance" worship