Dear Elite Members,

Thanks so much for returning to the clubs! We are excited to see so many people getting back into to their routines and enjoying our facilities. We are thrilled that we are all doing such a nice job of physical distancing, sanitizing and the rest and want to keep that positive momentum. 

We have noticed some challenges for folks around some of the new rules and guidelines, most notably around the issue of wearing masks. This email contains some thoughts for both the pro- and anti- mask groups which we hope puts things in perspective and will enable all of us to get along a bit better as we navigate through these tumultuous times. Since we are all part of a community of like-minded folks who want to be healthy, workout and take advantage of everything our clubs have to offer, we are asking everyone for their help to make the best of this situation. 

Anti-Mask Members: We recognize that some of you may feel these requirements are silly or infringe upon your rights, but we would like you to know that other members are literally afraid for their lives. We have asked our team members not to be aggressive with the enforcement of the rules, but to gently remind folks when possible. As a further gentle reminder, we are writing this email to ask everyone to remember to wear masks when traversing common areas of the club so that no one feels scared coming to the club. 

This isn’t a question of politics or freedom, but more about common courtesy to your fellow members who feel unsafe. You may be asking what’s in it for you — simply put, the more members that we have, the more we can invest in and improve your clubs. If other members are scared of coming to the club, they will cancel their memberships, and then we have less income and less ability to take care of the members who are not scared and remain.

Pro-Mask Members: For those of you who expect everyone to be wearing a mask all the time, we ask you to be understanding that a lot of our members don’t feel comfortable wearing them or think that such a requirement is inappropriate for a variety of moral, political, or other reasons. Please be forgiving of these people and do your best to just remain physically distant from them. Please understand that our staff is going to gently remind members that they are to be wearing a mask, but we also don’t want our team members to get into an altercation. If you feel at-risk, we recommend coming during our At-Risk Groups Hours or earlier in the day when the clubs have fewer people, taking advantage of our workout pods where you are isolated from other members, or contact the GM of your club to find out when the club tends to be slower and you are going to be more able to physically distance. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

In Good Health,

The Elite Sports Clubs Team