MARCH 30, 2020
Vision2020Votes Launches with Goal to Break the Record for Women Voting
Vision2020Votes is a nonpartisan, national, online effort to get more women than ever registered and voting in the 2020 elections.

There is no more effective way to increase the power of women’s voices in decisions that affect society.

There is no better way to honor the suffragists who won the fight for women’s right to vote 100 years ago.
Why do people who have registered, signaling they intend to vote, fail to actually vote? In too many cases, life got in the way. They were busy, forgot, missed the mail-in deadline, didn’t know where to go, didn’t have a sitter, etc.

People who intend to vote are far more likely to overcome such barriers if they join a team of people they know who all commit to voting, they make a plan to vote, and they are encouraged, rewarded and reminded along the way.

That’s what happens when you sign up with Vision2020Votes and invite others to join the same team. If you want to, you can create your own team and compete for points against other teams. Plus, there are prizes to be won.
While you are social distancing and missing the people you care about, you can use Vision2020Votes to involve those people in social differencemaking.

Together with family, friends and people you know from all areas of your life, you can make a difference in America by increasing the power of women's voices. Get started today by helping to break the record for women voting!

Participating in Vision2020Votes is 100% free . You will not be asked to donate or to ask your friends for donations. This isn't about money. It is about friends helping friends be active citizens in our democracy.
P.S. Did you know? Among women who were eligible to vote in the 2016 presidential election, more than one third – 37% – did not cast a ballot. In the 2018 midterm election, almost half – 45% ­– of eligible women did not vote. We can do better!
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