2nd Quarter News
Safe Harbor of
2019 Statistics
Men Employed -285
Taxes Paid - $299,965.63
Child Support Paid - $47,784.87
Men Housed - 60
Men Employed - 45
Graduates for the Quarter - 7
Baptisms for the Quarter - 8
Letter from the Director - Jonathan Newcomb
Safe Harbor of Bucksnort has continued it’s goal in helping those affected in our community. Recent outreach has shown a great need in surrounding areas and we are sending members of our team on a daily basis. These members of our staff are actively seeking those who desire help and are transporting them to receive the services they need.

News on campus is buzzing with our recent remodeling of the main building. The outside has been repainted and the interior rooms have been patched and painted. Our property has also gone through some changes with an entire rehaul of our septic system. The open field on the east side of the property now contains an entirely new system. We thank God for the this blessing and look forward to developing a nature walk behind our building where men will be able to walk among the trees to a scenic location and view the valley from above.

Safe Harbor of Bucksnort staff continue to strive for excellence as several have recently been promoted. Joshua Smith, a Program Coordinator has recently been promoted to Admissions Coordinator due to his hard work and attitude. Mr. Smith rarely sees a problem he can’t find a solution for. This promotion comes about as our previous Admissions Coordinator, John Ludwig, has been promoted to IOP Coordinator at our Erin location. His knowledge of recovery will be invaluable for our intensive treatment portion of our program. Congratulations John Ludwig! Last but not least, Troy Beasley has gained the vital position of Reliable Coordinator replacing Jeffrey Roberson who was promoted to Assistant Director. Troy’s keen eye for detail and heart for the men will surely lead to prosperity among our men and our partners.

God continues to bless us here in Bucksnort. We are thankful for all that we’ve been given and are excited for all that is planned for the future. Safe Harbor of Bucksnort is currently accepting new clients and welcomes anyone who desires help to reach out to us. Our new Admission’s Coordinator Joshua Smith can be reached at 205-407-0208 and our Regional Director Jonathan Newcomb can be reached at 949-510-8960. Thank you for all you do and your support. It affects more lives than any man can know.

Safe Harbor of Bucksnort
Celebration Sunday - June 2020
A fantastic night for graduations. We are very proud of these Graduates! Charles Bratton, Jason Bock, Zachary McDaniel, David Maidlow, and Shawn Beevers!
A look around Bucksnort
We are so very excited to be partnering with Ebbtide! Our men are learning a valuable trade, by learning how to build boats. Thank you Ebbtide for this giving them this opportunity and teaching them this amazing trade.
We had an awesome Baptism here in Bucksnort over the weekend. Ten men publicly proclaimed Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We are very proud and celebrate with these men's decision to accept Jesus!
Safe Harbor of Bucksnort had an excellent time after the Dollar General run on Saturday when we went swimming at Tumbling Creek. The men had a great time swinging from the rope into the water and enjoyed the sun!
Another movie night in Bucksnort!
Our clients love having dinners like this!
Big shout out to James Degraffenreid for leading a great service Sunday night!
Bingo night in Bucksnort and everyone wanted to say hi! Congratulations to our Bingo Winners
James Wade & Mark Davis donated chips, dips & sodas for our clients in Bucksnort for movie night. Such a giving spirit around here! We had and awesome day and the guys loved it!
Basketball with the guys on Saturdays is becoming a routine. I grab the ball and before I know it, we have a crowd. After a few shots, we are taken back to the backyard where we grew up or a street court down from our old houses. These are some of the best times to get to know the guys. I am so proud of some these guys here right now." - Jeffrey Roberson, Reliable Director
“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated, we are Safe Harbor Strong”
The guys just finished the new horseshoe pits here in Bucksnort. This is the first game played and they were so excited for the staff to take a few minutes to play with them!
We want to give a shout out to Erin and say thank you for the huge donation you blessed Bucksnort with. The clients loved it.
Partner of the Quarter - Nashville Bun Company
Our most recent contract with Nashville Bun has been a God send. They provide a safe work environment and the men who work there state the employees of Nashville Bun are supportive and positive. The office staff at Safe Harbor appreciate the timely manner in which documentation is received and the open communication which allows us to best serve the clients in the program. From the start, Nashville Bun has provided employment for 10 – 15 men. This is huge, helping the clients of Safe Harbor not only be productive and support their recovery but also granting an opportunity to those who might otherwise be unable.

We are thankful for Nashville Bun and are excited to say they are our Partner of the Quarter. Through open communication, a positive work environment, and opportunities for our men they have set themselves above the norm. Thank you Nashville Bun for all you do and we are excited to see where our partnership goes in the future!
Thank you,
Troy A. Beasley
Reliable Coordinator Bucksnort
Celebration Sunday - April 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; Scott Cursey, Barry Rippy, Matthew Rodriguez, Jacob Pruitt, Terry Elwell, Troy Beasley, Lance Newcomb, Scotty Jones, & Chad Depriest!
Happy April Birthday to Beau Adcock, Charles Bratton, Thomas Pendergrast, Charles Jordan, & Justin Reel!
Our Client of the Month is James Wade. Congratulations!
Congratulations to our Dorm of the Month!
Our Reliable of the Month is Zachary English! Congrats!!
The clients are excited about putting their plaques on the wall in Bucksnort!
Client of the Quarter - John Taylor
John Taylor has gone above and beyond in his time with us at Bucksnort. Soon to graduate, John is expected to stay on with Safe Harbor in a maintenance role. His prior experience as a Certified Master Electrician is invaluable and we're excited to see him join our team.

Determined and self driven, John takes on a myriad of different tasks on property while helping motivate those around him. A natural leader, on multiple occasions he's been observed encouraging people to focus less on the negative and more on the positive. 

Our Founder, Gregory Newcomb, had this to say about John Taylor, "I have known John Taylor for just under six months and it is apparent to me that John is a man of his word. He's going to do what he says he'll do and that's becoming a rarer quality today. John is a man who loves God and has strong convictions. His work ethic is extraordinary and I'm very proud to work with John." 

We're thankful for all he has done here and look forward to a long, successful career with us at Safe Harbor. Thank you John Taylor for all you do, seen and unseen!
Staff of the Quarter - James DeGraffenreid
James DeGraffenreid is a man after God's own heart. He strives daily to touch the hearts of the men in our program and deeply cares for each client. His determination to see every man here come to know Jesus is a reflection of his deep faith.

Starting with us as a driver last year, it was apparent God had more planned for James in Safe Harbor daily life. As a member of the staff he exhibited true determination often staying to help on property projects or maintenance issues after his shift had ended.

Beginning last year, James began to feel a calling in his heart to help serve the men in Safe Harbor. As that calling grew a position within our team opened in the Chaplain's office. This was a perfect opportunity for James to take a more pivotal role on our team. His determination, motivated spirit, and servant attitude is second to none and we are so proud of all he has accomplished. 

In his role as Chaplin, James counsels with clients going through many of life's hardships and often brings a word of encouragement to the men on Sunday evenings. He makes a difference in the lives of those around him. Thank you for all you do James, both seen and unseen. We are so grateful God sent you to help lead these men to Jesus.  
Easter Weekend
Getting things ready for the cookout in Bucksnort! Look at those pork shoulders after 3 hours of smoking. Had to wrap and smoke for another 17 hours. The clients were so excited. Big shout out to Ron, Shawn, and Bobby for making sure this gets done right tonight! These guys are dedicated to making sure things get done RIGHT!
Horse Shoe Tournament - Congratulations Maxwell Wade and Nathaniel Chapuis for winning the horseshoe tournament and the $25 gift cards. Great job guys.
Grilled hamburgers and fries for lunch and pulled pork for dinner. Great job Jeffrey Roberson on the hamburgers. Thank you Margy for coming to help Bucksnort this weekend as well!
A big shout out to the awesome kitchen crew that helped with the food for this client appreciation weekend. You guys are rock stars. David Spink, Scott Cursey, Cody Copeland, Tyler Whittum, Kitchen manager Brian Stout, Mark Davis, and Andrew Love.
Jonathan G Newcomb brought a powerful message to the clients for our Easter service.