2nd Quarter News
Safe Harbor of
Little Rock
2019 Statistics
Men Employed -396
Taxes Paid - $182,378.57
Child Support Paid - $35,662.99
Men Housed - 117
Men Employed - 68
Graduates for the Quarter - 22
Baptisms for the Quarter - 5
Letter from the Director - Pastor, Eric Alexander
Greetings from SHLR

 In the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, where we get our ability to breathe, move, and have our being, to Him we are eternally grateful, for His continual grace&mercy as well as favor!  

This has been the most trying quarter in the 4 years I've been in the position with the ministry, it has really tested my faith, dedication, and commitment in so many ways. We were met head-on with the Covid-19 pandemic, and it really rocked our numbers in so many ways, there was time our entire staff struggled to breathe and stay encouraged. There were lots of unexpected guidelines and new extreme protocols that were mandatory for implementation. However, God saw us thru and we are much better because of the experience and the challenging changes we learned from. It has been great seeing our ability to make vital adjustments to our procedures and protocols. 

Now, as we move forward to a somewhat normal routine or something that looks near to that, we are "hit" with this second wave. This round of cases for our country is of epic proportion, and in affecting every area of our society. Social distancing and "wearing the mask" seems to be our new normal for our protection, but we are blessed to have The Lord as our refugee, and our keeper. Our numbers have started to move into a positive direction and unity and confidence are on the rise. We are striving tirelessly to stay current and to bring the best possible support to our client's lives.

Standing Strong and Committed is SHLR's new battle cry!! We've come too far to give up now!!

We are planning a big BBQ for the 4th of July, at our facility lots of food for the guys!!

We are very optimistic about the next 6 months of this year, and I look forward to a strong finish! We are excited about our new Initial Case Management, as well as the new aftercare strategies, both of these initiatives will be very strong appendages to the quality of service we give to our clients.

We pray for your support, we need all the help we can get from our friends and partners, and our prayer is the God will touch your hearts. Thank you for all your support!!!  
Min. Eric Alexander
Celebration Sunday - June 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; Anthony Thompson, Jose Lisardo, Justin Coomer, Melvin young, Michael Nettles, & Trent Cannon-Johnson!
Congratulations to our Reliable of the Month, Jeremy Batson!
Our Client of the Month was David Stoddard. Congrats!
Our Staff of the Month was Carl Williams. Congrats!
Long time client Carlos Bravo prayed us out tonight after graduation
Jose Lisardo, our Kitchen Manager extraordinaire, helping get balloons tonight with James. Definitely a Kodak moment..(Jose also graduated tonight)
A look around Little Rock
Fatherhood Class with Mr. Rucker & Mr. Poland
We had a wonderful staff meeting! Blessed with a great group here in Little Rock.
Kohler employees!! The clients arrived at orientation with great enthusiasm Tuesday!! What a good opportunity that God has presented before them.
Congratulations to Dorm 1 for Dorm of the Month! Keep up the good work guys and we'll keep the pizza rolling.
Client's morning exercise time!
"Kingdom Men" doing "Kingdom Work" for a "Kingdom Cause" SHLR Campus Employees Rock!!
Safe Harbor LR Program grounds crew working our parking lot! We are blessed with an amazing group of men.
Movie night, Sunday Service with Pastor Eric Alexander & Sunday dinner. We are blessed!
Clients stepping up to clean the vans God blessed Little Rock with! Mr. Duff at it again doing some much needed repairs! Thank you!
Pastoral Support Class!
Let The Games Begin: Horse Shoe Play Saturday
Praise & Worship on Friday with Nigel Poland!
We are very thankful for US Foods servicing our needs!
Thank you 3M Company for donating two large turkeys to SHLR! We are blessed!
Thank you Kohler for donating new faucets for our upstairs bathroom! We are blessed!
Thank You! New Horizons International Ministries, Pastors Robert and Sharon Underwood and Bro. Thomas Galluiso for their generous donation to SHLR and SHM!
God will supply our needs: Springhill Suites with Marriott West Little Rock on West Markham blessed us with two donations of towels. Thank you Mrs. Alexandria Housekeeping Mgr.
Thank God for Chaplain Swift with Tyson's Food for donating 20 boxes of chicken! God will provide our provision in our times of need. Thank you
God blessed Safe Harbor LR Program through our Driver, Min. Terrence Jefferson with various clothing. Thank you
We are thankful for the donation of oranges for our men!
Thank you to Olive U for the donation of breakfast sandwiches!
Partner of the Quarter - Linen King
Linen King supported us thru this trying time making sure we could keep clients employed. Eric, Dewayne and TJ were amazing. Thanks for being behind us.
Celebration Sunday - May 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; John Warren & Joshua Yancey!
Reliable of the Month went to Jeremy Milliken & Anthony Thompson! Congrats
Client of the Month went to Melvin Young & Xavier Ascencio
Client Volunteer of the Month went to Steven Williams & Marcus Brown
Staff of the Month went to Jose Lisardo & James Duff! Congrats
Dorm of the Month went to our Senior Dorm
Memorial Day 2020
We had a wonderful weekend here in Little Rock celebrating Memorial Day!
Staff Spotlight - James Staffan
James is very enthused about his productivity and his commitment to ministry, James has truly turned around for the good. He has his hands in any and everything, when it concerns this ministry. James has stepped up more than I've ever seen before, and he deserve the spotlight this month.
Client of the Quarter - Nigel Poland
Nigel has been an amazing client since he got here. He has been a blessing to not only the staff but also to other clients as well. Has helped us with any task that is asked of him with-out any hesitation. He is overseeing our transportation and doing a excellent job.