2nd Quarter News
Safe Harbor of
Jefferson County
2019 Statistics
Men Employed - 490
Taxes Paid - $328,819.11
Child Support Paid - $46,556.82
Men Housed - 41
Men Employed - 38
Graduates for the Quarter - 12
Letter from the Director - David Elkins
Thanks be to Jesus!

He has kept us protected through these trying times of COVID-19 and all the unrest in our Country. Today it is good to report that all men at Safe Harbor Jefferson County have not been affected by the pandemic, other than giving them opportunity to grow their relationship with Christ and their character through the restricted lifestyle they have had to endure. So it is so good to see summertime coming, passes and visitation restored for our clients. I want to thank all that have been praying for us!

The lockdown has allowed us to concentrate on our building project, that I am happy to announce we will be hanging sheetrock by the 1st of July! Awesome Jeff Weyant has worked endlessly along with many of our clients to see this project closer to completion. Many people have contributed, and I want to thank all that have given time, material, our funds to help see this project completed.
But more than anything I have to praise Jesus for the work he's doing in the hearts of our men! As you can read in the testimonies of our clients of the quarter, what a work Jesus is doing in the hearts transforming men of bad choices into men of honor, fathers, and husbands, and Real Men of God! We look forward to seeing what Jesus has started to completion!... For His word says; 
Philippians 1:6 (NASB) 
6 For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Safe Harbor Jefferson County is praying for you, in praying for God to bring us together and to heal our land, please keep us in your prayers!
To God be the Glory
Pastor David Elkins  
Upcoming Event
Mark your calendars for July 11 at 12 pm and join us for Baptism & BBQ at the Cherokee Lake Recreation Area! We would love to share a special day with you and your families. Come meet the staff of Safe Harbor of Jefferson County!
Celebration Sunday - June 2020
Congratulations to our graduate, Earnest Collier!
Congratulations to our Reliable of the Month, Daniel Spier!
Our Client of the Month is Andrew Hansen. Congratulations!
Our Client Volunteer of the Month is Ritchie Vanderbilt. Congrats!
A look around Jefferson County
If you are on Facebook, please be sure to join Chaplain Joseph Messer for the Friday Devotional each week! www.facebook.com/safeharborjc
Religion vs Relationship
John 3 Nicodemus approaches Jesus on an academic level and Jesus never reveals His Messianic identity to Nicodemus.
John 4 the woman at the well had an encounter where Jesus tells her "I am He" revealing his Messianic identity to her because she approached Him on an intimate level.
Which approach will you take? Do you want to know about Him or know Him?
Your approach will determine your encounter!
Thank you to Marvin Espey for the amazing worship. What a powerful encounter with our God. At least 15 salvations!
David bringing forth the Word 
A special thanks to Joe Miller for his dedication to teaching our Thursday evening Fatherhood class. Our men truly appreciate his wisdom and his heart!
So much progress! So thankful for everyone’s hard work. Safe Harbor JC is very excited about our Multi Purpose Building!
Finally dry enough to get our garden in for Jefferson County!
Happy Memorial Day!! BBQ & Cornhole Tournament. Corn Hole tournament winners were Tim Duncan & Noah Hampton!
We would like to welcome Quality Bakers of Tennessee to our group of wonderful partners!
Life on the farm in Jefferson County!
Our Sunday evening Chapel service. 6 salvations!
The Gospel is not limited to the forgiveness of our sins, the Gospel reveals our true Value, Potential, and Purpose!
"Safe Harbor of Jefferson County is doing tremendous work getting their new chapel built and completing numerous projects around property. An excellent team you've got there Director!" - Jonathan Newcomb, Regional Director
Tough times don’t last, but tough people do! There is no give up here!
Clients & staff working together as we prepare for our Easter weekend!
Thank you Ronnie Trent for blessing us with a couple loads of top soil!
Blessed with bread and pastries for two weeks God is good!
Partner of the Quarter - Quality Plumbing
Quality Plumbing has been a great partner since 2015. Rick and JJ are great to work with, as well as the direction and guidance from their many foreman who work directly with our clients giving them an opportunity for meaningful work and careers opportunities. With Quality understanding the mission of Safe Harbor and being fully supportive, we want to thank and acknowledge quality plumbing as partner of 2nd quarter 2020!
Celebration Sunday - May 2020
Congratulations to our Graduates; Sean Ash, Marcus Franklin, Justin Hammock, Michael Smith, Cody Shepherd, & Charles Beauchamp-Freeman!
Our Reliable of the Month was Christopher Proctor!
Congratulations to our Client of the Month, Wade Woolman!
Our Client Volunteer of the Month is Noah Hampton.
More pictures from May Celebration Sunday
Client of the Quarter - Robert Massey & Wade Woolman
Robert Massey

"When I first got out of jail, I had no place to go until I was given a chance at Safe Harbor of Jefferson County. Coming to Safe Harbor of Jefferson County is the best thing I've done in a long time. The program has helped me let go of the pain, stress, and anger that broke me down daily. When I got to Safe Harbor, I was consumed with shame and guilt, and I was continually beating myself up. I lost my relationship with God for such a long time, and I've finally got that back. Since I've established my relationship with God, he's taken all the stress, hate, pain, and anger away from me. With all that he's set me free from, I can finally feel good about myself again. For once, I'm actually happy! I am grateful I came to Safe Harbor. I want to thank Safe Harbor and the staff for helping me find my way back to God and taking all the pain away."

It has been amazing to see Jesus healing Roberts pain and hurt and transforming him into a Man of God!

Pastor David Elkins
Wade Woolman

 "My name is Wade Woolman, I was born on January 9, 2020. My life was pretty normal growing up. I grew up in a normal home with my mom, dad, and sister. Life was good until my parents divorced at the age of 12, and my family became broken. I went with my dad, and my sister went with my mom. At the age of 13, I started smoking pot and drinking. This led me to much harder drugs. At the age of 23, I was sent to prison for 24 months. 3 days after my conviction, my mom committed suicide. Life at this point was dark. When I was released, I came home to the love of my life, which is now my wife. We have 2 girls now, and life was almost perfect until the devil showed back up in my life, and I started to use drugs and alcohol. Once again, I was strung out and broken. I went to rehab for 14 days, to come home and go right back to using drugs and alcohol. At this point, my life was crumbling, my wife was on the verge of leaving me, and she ended up putting me out my own house.

  On February 21, 2020, my life took a turn for the better! A close friend of mine who works for the state of Tennessee, who also is in ministry, reached out her hand to help me in my time of desperate need. She immediately began searching for a rehab that could help me, within 24 hours she sent me a number to David Elkins, the director over Safe Harbor of Jefferson County. With the 15-minute phone interview, I could tell that this was the place I needed to be.

On February 25, 2020, I arrived at Safe Harbor of Jefferson County. Upon my arrival at the farm, I met David Elkins and his staff Chris, Chaplain Jay, Jeff, and Carson. They were more than welcoming and very helpful to get me settled. From that point forward, These men of God began to teach, and show me how to live a life with Jesus being the center point of life its self. Within the first day of coming to Safe Harbor, I knew that my Lord and Savior was not finished with me; in fact, it was just the beginning.

On February 29, 2020, at the end of the Sunday morning Chapel service, I responded to the altar call and rededicated my life. From that moment, it was like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. The void I was trying to fill got filled. A sense of peace, happiness, and comfort filled my heart. From that day, I've been pursing my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with everything I have. My relationship with Christ grows on a moment to moment to basis. I walk and talk with him in everything I do. All I can say is thanks to Safe Harbor of Jefferson County staff, which lead me back to God. All praise and glory be to God, who makes all things possible!"

Again it has been AMAZING to see how Jesus has restored Wade's family and life with his wife Kayla and two beautiful daughters as well as opening the door with our partner of the quarter Quality Plumbing for a new career opportunity!

Pastor David Elkins
Celebration Sunday - April 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; Ricky Ashley, James Singleton, Caleb Grimes, Charles Raulston, & Charles Young!
Our Reliable of the Month is Robert Massey! Congrats!
Client of the Month went to Ashford Hastings! Congratulations
Client Volunteer of the Month is Marcus Franklin! Congrats!
More pics from our April celebration!
Easter Weekend
Our day on the farm was eventful! It's a blessing to see our men with a smile on their faces! Horseshoe, Chess, Spades, and BBQ. Horseshoe tournament winners- Tim Duncan & Noah Hampton Chess tournament winner- Vincent Willoughby Spade tournament winners - Charles Beauchamp & Vincent Willoughby
We had powerful message the Holy spirit delivered through Pastor David, and a delicious Easter meal being prepared! Our guys truly appreciate his heart to serve!  
Staff of the Quarter - Jeff Weyant
Jeff is an amazing part of the team; showing up at Lighthouse/Safe Harbor over 15 years ago looking for help from life controlling issues... Jeff has been with us ever since!

There is nothing that Jeff cannot do! He can do intake, he can teach class, he can repair or fix almost anything, he can build and expand but most of all Jeff is a friend and brother to all, clients, and staff alike! And all he does he does in the name of Jesus “God told me to do this and I'm going to keep doing it until he tells me not to”!

Mornings I arrive early at SHJC I find Jeff at the kitchen table, bible open in deep communion with Jesus!

As pastor of Safe Harbor Jefferson County I have grown too appreciate and depend on Jeff's many talents and skills, but more than anything his friendship is invaluable to all of us who call him friend!

That is why Jeff is Spot Light Employee of the quarter!!!