2nd Quarter News
Safe Harbor of
2019 Statistics
Men Employed -297
Taxes Paid - $215,795.83
Child Support Paid - $55,310.76
Men Housed - 83
Men Employed - 67
Graduates for the Quarter - 18
Baptisms for the Quarter - 5
Letter from the Director - Pastor, Gary Kenney
This Past quarter Safe Harbor of Erin continued to stay focus on the service and care of all our clients. A very important part of that care was to ensure that all the clients and staff remain safe and able to continue our service to all our community employment partners.

Safe Harbor of Erin staff and all the clients has done a outstanding job this past quarter responding to this new COVID-19 environment we all have been enduring and adjusting to. 

Staff Transitions at Erin
In recent weeks we have had some great staff transition at our facility. We would like to welcome two new additions to the Erin staff; Christopher Somerville, Program Coordinator, and Ms. Andriana Jones who is replacing Mrs. Margy Butts as our Admissions Coordinator. We also express our appreciation to Mrs. Margy Butts for her years of dedicated compassionate work she gave to Safe Harbor.

Christopher Somerville and Adriana Jones, both, bring the skills and abilities to our staff that will help improve the level of care we will bring to the clients we serve.

IOP at the Erin Facility
This quarter Safe Harbor Erin would like to recognize the hard work and effort the Director of our Intensive Outpatient Program Pastor Ron Smith and his wife, Donna Smith. Theirs efforts have been instrumental in this facility being able to providing another level of care to our clients. That service is carried out through his IOP coordinators, Mrs. Tatjiana Gaston and Mr. John Ludwing. We are able to witness the impact of this service in the clients, what a tremendous addition to the Erin Facility.

Independance Day!
Safely and as securely as possible, in this COVID-19 era, this weekend we look forward to celebrating with the clients and their visiting friends and families. On-site activities planned, Gaming, going to the creek, and relaxing on this beautiful campus site after a 4th of July meal.

I thank God for his safety and protection that he has provided over us all during these times, and he will continue as long as we believe that his is our Provider and Protector.

Pastor Gary Kenney
Safe Harbor Erin
Celebration Sunday - June 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; Kevin Gaither, Stephen Carlton, Johnathan Carter, Coty Pulley, & Adam Welch.
Happy June Birthday to Gregory Britton, Matthew Carroll, Toyal Crawford, Brandon Emmons, Joshua Moore, Steven Nunley, & Ricky Steele!
Reliable of the Month went to Brandon Emmons! Congrats
Client of the Month was Bobby Mayo. Congrats!
Dorm of the Month was Dorm 10! Great job guys!
Safe Harbor of Erin would like to wish Margy Bevilacqua-Butts a warm and heartfelt thank you from all the staff at Safe Harbor Erin. In your dedication to the men and your work ethic...wishing you protection and prosperity in your next journey.
We are excited to be starting our second wall of graduate plaques!
A look around Erin
We would like to make a formal introduction to our new Admissions Coordinator here in Erin, Anna Jones.

"To say that I am excited is an understatement. Being the new Admissions Coordinator at Safe Harbor of Erin is not only a blessing, but it's an honor. I truly believe that I am meant to be here! I look forward to working with all the amazing staff, assisting with clients with reaching their goals, and improving myself as a person as well. Thank you all for welcoming me and letting me be a part of the family." - Anna Jones
Happy Fathers day to all the dads at Safe Harbor
Great guys giving Program Coordinator, Chris Somerville, a hand outside.
Pastor Kenney outside with the guys having a great day!
Preparing a great meal for the men of Erin!
Bonfire night
Chaplain George bringing the message
We at Erin are blessed with the team we have, but a special shout out goes to Mr. Short! He’s helping with dishes and peeling potatoes on his time off in the kitchen so the Kitchen Manager could have a day off. Mr. Short you will never know how much we appreciate you!
Thank you Donald Love and Jonathan Morris for helping clean up some old storm damage, and for all the wood for the smoker.
Fresh in pouring of the Holy Spirit and opening of a new season at Safe Harbor Erin..Pastor Spoke on the sword of the Spirit..AMEN!
Safe Harbor Erin would like to thank Pastor Ron and Donna Smith for their faithful service and help with all our I.O.P and A.R.P concerns. It is great asset to our ministry here in Erin, and benefits the guys in a much needed way. Just wanted to let you know we appreciate you, and stand with you in your tireless, and dedicated efforts!
We love you, Pastor Scott Russell!! These shirts are for you, sir! So here’s a little backstory about these t-shirts: Pastor Scott is the Pastor of The Garden Church, who are huge supporters of Safe Harbor Erin and Safe Harbor Bucksnort. He currently has cancer and we got word that his family felt it would raise his spirits if we agreed with him in support by wearing these homemade t-shirts.

We all have one and although some of our guys were working tonight, these are worn with you in mind, Pastor Scott!!
Safe Harbor of Erin men, at Miss G’s home assisting building Wheelchair ramp for retired Army veteran, retired Davison county sheriff, husband Harry Gaston Who will be returning home from hospital care soon. It was an honor for Safe Harbor to be a part of this project.
Erin's garden started getting prepared Easter weekend!
We got some new outdoor furniture, and the guys are loving it!
Tough times don’t last, but tough people do!
Mr. Coleman donating to the clothes closet
Thank you Pleasant View Non Denominational Church near Dickson for the wonderful donation to the men of Erin!
Thank you to Lisa Armstrong for making us some masks! We appreciate the time and effort you put into this for us!
We are so blessed! Thank you to several people who just dropped off a HUGE amount of baked goods and various food! Mike and Brenda Wood, Gateway Baptist Church in Atoka, TN, Shirley Wood, Martha Myers, Theresa Stroud and Sue Williams THANK YOU (there were so many hams and other food for the guys, they are going to have an AMAZING EASTER!)
Thank you Steve Devers PerfectFab and Unexpected Treasures for making these awesome ear savers for us! Now we can wear our face masks without them killing our ears! You are so appreciated!!
Partner of the Quarter - Tennessee Bun Company
Tennessee Bun in Dickson, TN is another great company that has partnered with us here at Safe Harbor Erin to provide full time jobs to our clients and give them a second chance on gainful employment when they graduate our program. We currently have 32 clients working there through our Reliable Back to Work program. Safe Harbor Erin is honored to name TN Bun in Dickson Partner of the Quarter.
The Bakery Cos. include state-of-the-art, high-speed bun and biscuit bakeries, artisan and organic bakeries, frozen dough lines and English muffin griddles! They are a family of bakery and storage solutions, focused on anticipating and exceeding the needs of their partners—their customers, their associates and their suppliers.

Their focus on People, Process and Prosperity—in that order—allows them to build trusted relationships with their customers, associates and the community around them. Their mission is enduring—it defines their purpose as a family enterprise to
  • Create opportunities
  • Make a difference
  • Impact lives
Celebration Sunday - May 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; Noah Adams, Morgan Allred, Christopher Cottner, James Sellers, Crews Barber, Raymond Hill, Casey Shelton, Paul McNeal, & James Cameron!
Memorial Day 2020
We had a wonderful weekend here in Erin celebrating Memorial Day! Thank you Matt Ellis, Jonathon Warren and Steven Hobock for all your hours of hard work. All the guy loved the BBQ!!
Staff Spotlight - Janamon Lavail Corlew
Lavail came to Safe Harbor 6 Months ago and graduated our recovery program on June 19,2020. During his time with us as a client we quickly recognized his attentiveness to the classes and program activities. He participated, as well as volunteered his help with the activities. His ability to understand our program structure led to him becoming a client employee. During that time he chose to stay after he completing his program. 

The Staff of Erin gave Mr. Corlew the opportunity to join the staff as a regular employee, and now he serves as assistant to our transportation coordinator here in Erin Tennessee.
Celebration Sunday - April
Congratulations to our graduates; Raven Heggie, JaNamon "Lavail" Corlew, Johnathan Hall, & Christian Carter!
Happy April Birthday to Donald Love, Seth Cannon, Nicholas Cook, Nicholas Lawson, & Noah Adams!
Our Client of the Month is JaNamon "Lavail" Corlew. Congratulations!
Dorm of the Month went to Dorm 10!
Our Reliable of the Month is Morgan Allred! Congrats
Easter Weekend 2020
The Easter weekend started off with fellowship around the bonfire & volleyball!
We also had a Corn Hole Tournament. Congratulations to our 1st place corn hole winners James Sellers and Johnathan Hall, and notable 2nd place winners Terry Heidt and Brandon Emmons!
Congratulations to James Vance our Pool Champion!
Thank You Mike Maroney for the Sunday morning service!
Easter Ice Cream and Easter cake
Sunday night service
Client of the Quarter - Jonathon Warren
"When I first came to Safe Harbor, I was Broken.I came off a bad road of trying to fit in with other people. While trying I lost myself. Coming to Safe Harbor I found My self, restored my relationship with God, and have learned to become the father and Husband that I new I could be."
By. Jonathon Warren.

Mr. Warren has been a outstanding client. The staff speaks very highly of his conduct and reception of all the program provides. The reliable office comments on his great attitude at the job site. He has been positive influence on the other clients and staff, in the right environment and around the write people he going to do great things.