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 June is the month to celebrate the importance of DAD in each child's life.

They change diapers, give horsey rides, tell dad jokes, give bike riding lessons, teach and guide in spiritual truths, untangle shoe laces, point out the North star, improvise bedtime stories, assemble complicated toys, take camping trips, prioritize family over work, recognize when mom needs a break, and so much more.

But let's talk about Snowflakes Dads. These guys have been cheerleaders through infertility. They have grieved and celebrated the building of their family. They've cried. They were strong even when they didn't feel like it... helped navigate really tough decisions...lent a listening ear and were thankful when the favor was returned to them...became frustrated and then apologized when they lost their patience and temper. Snowflakes Dads' journey to fatherhood has not been typical... they have superhero power under their garments!
Each of our Snowflakes team members is honored to join you in your embryo donation or embryo adoption journey.

Yay Dad!!!
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now- A Dad's perspective
September 2016—day one of our honeymoon. My wife and I decide to drive the Maui coast, along the Road to Hana. A multi-hour journey, hair pinned turns, and a day of reflection as we start our new lives and journey together. As we drive, we have our theme song on—Starship’s Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now. We have an mobile app assisting us, with the tour guide speaking to us about life, its purpose, and that the Road to Hana is more about the journey than the destination.
Our journey and a new chapter of our lives began that week. Like most, life is generally in sequential order and planned, and for my wife, she has always planned to be a mother. On this trip, we had hopes of continuing our journey of life and starting OUR family.
The honeymoon ended, months went by, and quickly we came to learn that starting a family would be harder than we originally thought. Patience…that’s what my wife kept telling me. But as time went on, our patience had grown to frustration. We kept quiet, wondering, broken, and numb.

The power of story is incredible.

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What does Snowflakes Baby #1 think of her Dad's new book?
"A Snowflake Named Hannah" an honest review by a former frozen embryo:

As a busy college student caught up in finishing the semester, I finally had the chance to finish my father's memoir on my adoption story. That being said, I wanted to share my initial thoughts with you. My first is gratitude. Its difficult to look back on life's events and in hindsight, not give God a five star review for how He worked out these events for our good and the good of Snowflake families everywhere. God was the ultimate author of my story, my dad just had the sense to write it down. I do not have enough time to properly thank each and every person that played a huge role in who I am becoming and who contributed to the Snowflakes program being born. Reading the criticisms from our elected politicians and celebrities on whether or not my life and millions more were expendable for the sake of embryonic stem cell research breaks my heart.
These embryos are not merely dots on a page, but human lives. Embryonic stem cell research is still being funded, but at what expense? My life? Someone else's? Snowflake parents, hug your Snowflakes tight for me tonight, and I thank you deeply for accepting the call to be a parent, and change the course of your child(s) life. This book continues to inspire my passion for a career in social work, and protecting the lives of frozen embryos awaiting a chance at life and continuing the work of the "pioneers" of this program. This is the first book I have read by John Strege, but it certainly will not be my last.
Snowflakes Families are Growing by leaps and bounds!
May Babies - Dads (and Moms) are celebrating!

This month we welcome 10 new Snowflakes babies.


A and E welcomed their son, Tomas #723 and daughter, Rachel #724
J and K welcomed their daughter, Evelyn #725
T and A welcomed their son, Andrew #726
K and A welcomed their son, Wyatt #727
M and L welcomed their son, Jack #728
S and B welcomed their daughters, April #729 and Molly #730
S and A welcomed their son, Knox #731
M and L welcomed their son, Samuel #732
Tommy is ready to head out to the baseball game with Dad!
Tommy's twin sister, Rachel, is ready to join in on the fun!
Evelyn is ready for a snuggle from Dad
Already a deep thinker, Andrew is ready to have great conversations with Dad
Wyatt knows his dad is the master of the tight swaddle
Born at 9lbs 5oz and 23" long, Jack is already considering a pro football career
In their springtime yellow, April and Molly are pure sunshine
"Pick me!" Knox exclaims raising his hand
Samuel thinks, "Ah life is good!"
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