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It's Epiphany!

Dear Families,

When I was a college student living in New Orleans, Epiphany meant king cake and the kick-off of the Mardi Gras season. So, of course, I always looked forward to it. After college, I came to a better understanding of this feast as a celebration of the Magi’s journey and what they found. They were looking for a king but found God. And they found God in the most unlikely of places.

As Father Mike Marsh describes them, “Epiphanies are those times when something calls us, moves us, to a new place and we see the face of God in a new way; so human that it almost seems ordinary, maybe too ordinary to believe.” (read more from Father Mike below).

I think we are all magi searching and finding God living among us in the most surprising places. I have some things below that may help you along but, in the end, we all have to follow our own star. I wish you and your family joy (and king cake) on your search.

Much love, -Erin
Sunday School
Epiphany is today, January 6th, but we will celebrate it during worship on Sunday. Don't forget to look for the Magi behind Mother Brenda! You can print out and color this Epiphany star and hold it up during worship, parade it around the house, or put it in a place where it will remind you of your journey.
Art work: Pittman, Lauren Wright. Shining Hope, from Art in the Christian Tradition, a project of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library, Nashville, TN. [retrieved January 6, 2021]. Original source: - copyright by Lauren Wright Pittman.

Epiphany Reflections
by Father Mike Marsh

"Yes, Yes, Yes. God notices us, knows us, lives within us, and calls us. God is continually revealing himself in and through humanity, in the flesh." read more

Worship in Community

Sunday, January 10, 10 am
Epiphany worship and watch party via Zoom (or call: 669-900-6833 / meeting ID: 843 5755 6394 / passcode: 890). If you can’t join us, the video and bulletin are available here.

But what is King Cake?
Originally King Cake was served on Epiphany, but over the years it has become a Mardi Gras staple. I still make or order king cake almost every year between Epiphany and Mardi Gras. I am actually baking one right now! This is a great explanation of the king cake tradition and includes the recipe I use. I usually just put the ingredients in my bread maker and run it on the dough mode. It turns out great either way. It's easier, but more expensive and not as fun, to order one from Gambino's in New Orleans. Enjoy!

Searching for Joy? Be like Moose!
This picture of Moose at the beach is my inspiration this week as he finds joy in the simplest of activities. May we all find it as easily as he does!
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