2nd Quarter News
2020 Statistics
Men Employed - 312
Taxes Paid - $195,025.13
Child Support Paid - $55,967.86

Men Housed - 72
Men Employed - 61
Graduates for the Quarter - 23
Baptisms for the Quarter - 9

Letter from the Director - Gary Kenney

This third quarter has been a season of growth and new opportunities to service our community and the men that come to us from those communities. Our corporate leaders have worked tirelessly implementing new processes that will improve the intake and living experience for clients seeking help through our recovery center.

These new processes will enable our staff two more accurately monitor and report for the continuum of care of each of our clients within our program.
We understand how important it is for the agencies and families connected to the men we serve, to know and be apart of the success of each man.

At this juncture of this letter, I would like to introduce you to one of our corporate administrators Mrs. Melanie Lyell. Miss Lyell has been instrumental in communicating and connecting our facility with our Tennessee court systems. Mrs. Lyell has worked in cohesion with our Reliable Coordinator Mr. Jeffery Robinson, located at our facility here in Erin. Jeffery Roberson has been working as our liaison with Mrs. Melanie Lyell communicating with our local Judges, District Attorneys, Public Defenders, and Probation Officers. Because of their compassionate efforts we are able to reach men who have fallen trap to the drug epidemic effecting the men and fathers of our country. Mrs. Lyell and Mr. Roberson have assisted these above agencies in getting help for these men and fathers. 

Welcome to the team! Kathy Epperson

"I am from Carroll County, Tennessee. A widow, but care for my elderly mom, and a member of Mud Creek Primitive Baptist Church. I enjoy traveling, taking care of my elderly mom, and going to estate sales. I attended University of Tennessee at Martin and graduated in 1992 with a B.S. in Business Administration Marketing. 
I had an addiction problem myself, and I am thankful for Fresh Start Ministry for getting me on my path to recovery. Later, I worked for Fresh Start Ministry in Memphis, TN as the Assistant Director from September 2009 to May 2010, but relocated back to Carroll County to care for my elderly parents. I pursued a nursing degree because I enjoy helping people, but I prayed for opportunity to help people with addiction issues to open up for me. 

I am now an IOP Counselor at Safe Harbor in Erin, Tennessee and want to help as many people as I can, achieve a life of freedom as well. I feel blessed to be here at Safe Harbor, assisting clients with achieving knowledge about the disease of addiction." (Kathy Epperson)

We are so honored to be able to heed the call of a Nation's drug epidemic. We not only feel the pain of a family torn apart by this crises, we often experience it through the lives of the men we serve and the families connected to them.

God's Blessing on you,
Pastor Gary Kenney
Safe Harbor Erin

Celebration Sunday - June 2021
Congratulations to our graduates; Patrick Blackstone, Barnett Panciano, Anthony Webster, Mandricuss Webster, & Joshua Brann!
Happy June Birthday to Jack Yother, Stacy Morris, Joshua Blake, & Robert Bell!
Reliable of the Month is Christopher Shannon. Congrats
Client of the Month is Nasir Al-Halah. Congrats
Dorm of the Month goes to Dorm 14. Great job guys!

A look around Erin
Great things surround us everyday!
Well, Shawn at Magnum did it AGAIN! She got us pillows, toilet paper, boots, and clothes this time! She is on fire for what we do! Thanks for the help Shawn!
Great Baptism at Safe Harbor Erin!!
Shawn went couponing and wanted to share the love with Safe Harbor of Erin! Thank you for the gifts! These will do nicely in our “Welcome Packs”.
Thank you Pastor Bronson and the Garden church Once again for another powerful word on what we fear and how God provides in those times.
Magnum Manufacturing of Erin, TN wanted Joshua Brann to come out today and get a special gift! Shawn gave him praise for his dedication to hard work and sobriety. She said that he had earned a spot in their hearts forever. Great job Ty!!!! Big shout out to Magnum for their love and support in what we do!
The guys overcome by the spirit and a word from Pastor Bowie Sunday evening
Playing some badminton
Swimming, video games and basketball... it was a great Friday at Safe Harbor Erin
We would like to thank Pastor Garritt Milligan from Mosaic Church of Clarksville,TN for giving a word Sunday night... "Take up your mat and walk" John 5:8
The guys were excited about the Salad Bar!
Good service with Bro Stephen Cathey from Elk Creek Baptist Church Tuesday evening!
Mark 2:1-12
Bowling Thursday night on the Wii, competition and brackets Friday night.
Would like to thank Pastor Phillip Chambers from Indian Mound United Methodist Church for coming out to give a word to the guys.
Pastor Kenney gave a word on Matthew 6:9, the Lord's prayer
It was a great day for visitations here in Erin!
Pastor Kenny going the extra mile with our guys in group! He really reaches our guys! Thank you Pastor!

Memorial Day 2021

Celebration Sunday - May 2021
Congratulations to our graduates - Austin Moore, Thomas Partin, Stephen Carlton, Marlon Harlan, Gregory Williams, Bobby Sykes, Jeremy Vetzel, William Reed, & Kamron Dewdney!
Happy May Birthday to Dexter Campbell, Michael Quinn, Brandon Clifton, & Barnett Panciano!
Reliable of the Month is Cody Stewart. Congrats!
Reliable of the Month is Joshua Brann. Congrats
Partner of the Quarter - Magnum Manufacturing

Magnum Manufacturing is located in Erin, Tennessee. This organization primarily operates in the Sheet Metalwork business / industry within the Fabricated Metal Products sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 30 years. This organization is engaged in manufacturing and importing activities at this facility.

Magnum is a company that has always supported Safe Harbor by giving our men the opportunity for gainful employment. We are ever so grateful for companies like Magnum, without their support we can not support the men we serve with employment opportunities. (Safe Harbor)
Client of the Quarter - Nasir Al-Halah

"I was court ordered to Safe Harbor of Erin April 12, 2021 in connection to my state probation orders and to satisfy court recommendations. I had a meth addiction and was spiritually broken. Even though I was mandated to Safe Harbor, I found myself as I was given the tools and opportunity to start my recovery. I was also reformed toward my relationship with God. There is the challenge of work and new employment involved at Safe Harbor and I now realized that I had to commit to the work requirements. These requirements helped me developed a new work ethic toward life." - Nasir Al-Halah

Mr. Al-Halah has been a outstanding client, overcoming every challenge that he has faced while at Safe Harbor. He now helps in our kitchen operations area, preparing for over 70 men a day. He is on track towards being successful and completing his program.
LifeLiner Spotlight - Will Taylor

What is the Project Life-Line?

The LifeLine Peer Project began as an effort to tear down the walls created by the stigma associated with those in addiction, and to increase community support for policies that provide for treatment and recovery services.

We want to take just a moment to thank LifeLiner Will Taylor for everything he does for us & clients here in Erin. So much dedication is put in to this movement they have created and we hope that everyone will know that "Recovery is the new high"!

Thank you from everyone here at Erin!
Staff of the Quarter - Jeffrey Roberson

"My name is Jeffrey Roberson and like so many of my brothers and sisters in addiction... l have a story. My story really began before I can remember, but I will not waste time with tall tales. My life seemed fine to me until I started facing consequences that I did not understand when in school. My grades were always top notch, but my conduct seemed to suffer. I was an "A" student with a "C" in conduct. I could learn, process, and test take with not problems, but I just did not know how to act. 

That reputation followed me into my teenage years as I began to experiment with drugs. It started with Marijuana, pills, and alcohol. It wasn't long before I was popping pills before class and smoking marijuana before I got on the bus. Things were taking a turn for the worst, but I didn't know it at the time. 

At age seventeen, I had started an onslaught and finally entered the court system with MULTIPLE charges including Burglaries, Thefts, Possession of Alcohol, Consumption of Alcohol, and much more. I was facing so many things that I could not understand. Furthermore, I could not even explain my aggressive behavior. I was scared, unaware, uninformed, and misguided. I remember spending my eighteenth birthday in jail, but that was only the beginning. 

Fast forward 2 years. I am fixing to turn 20 years old. I am on state probation after a taking a plea bargain for 4 years to serve 90 days. (There was also an agreement in my plea bargain that I would be left in school. I had previously stayed in D-MAX in Obion County Jail and was released every morning to my mother to go attend my senior year of high school. I stayed over at school with the clean up crew from the jail and received 2 for 1 credit on my sentence. This is not your typical situation!) 

I was still using drugs and soon re-offended. I turned myself in after running from my charges for quite awhile. It was late August of 2006 I told my pregnant girlfriend that I wanted to marry that I was going to turn my self in and face what I had done. So, I did just that. I went to Obion County Jail and turned myself in. I had a probation violation and more charges! I did not know what I was going to do! 

I went to court for an arraignment with Judge Bill Acre and my attorney was Jim Powell. I had heard about drug court and really wanted to give it a try. They tossed around the idea of me coming into drug court and soon enough Dr. Johnny Welch(IOP Coordinator) came down to interview me. | guess I passed his test, because it wasn't long after that when Sue Moore (Probation office) came down to see me and set an out date. I was to be released to drug court on November 13th, 2006! I was so excited. 

Some of the rules were a little different back then, but Drug Court was not easy. I started in Phase 1. I had to attend 4 classes a week, take 2-3 drug screens a week, and be in the house before 5 P.m. every day. We also had drug court every Friday morning at 8 a.m.. To move to phase 2,1 had to get a job. Since I had just married my wife (Brittney Roberson), she was all about me getting a job! (haha) I went to work at Tyson foods where I worked in evisceration. We worked hard and I made sure to come to class at drug court. My IOP Counselor (Johnny Welch) had quite an impact on my life. He taught me so much and I love him for it today. He is an amazing man and had much influence on where I am today. 

It wasn't long and I moved to phase 2 of the program. At this time, I attended 2 classes a week and could stay out until 7 p.m.. I was still working and paying fines and drug court fees. I only had to attend drug court twice a month now. I did receive a minor set back for being 2 minutes late for class one day. I went back to phase 1 class attendance for 2 weeks. That was the only infraction received the entire time at drug court. 

I moved to Phase 3 of drug court and then onto graduation status. My wife and my family was finally happy. Drug Court was one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my life. That is coming from a man who has been to Hawaii, Cancun, Las Vegas, had 4 kids and much more. Those days in drug court helped me become the man that I am today. I am PROUD to say that I was a participate in the 27th Judicial Drug Court. I received the Ed Almund Award for Unselfish Dedication to other members of Drug Court team at our Ceremony. 

In 2016, a tragedy struck my home. My family of 5 were rocked like a hurricane when my drug use flared up shortly after my mother passed away. My business of 5 years was failing, my marriage was hanging on by a thread, and I needed to get somewhere and sit down. I knew what I had to do from so much training in drug court, and a few years in college, but I couldn't seem to stop. I needed help, but not jail. I was given a chance by Judge Jimmy Smith (after much begging from my wife) to come to Safe Harbor of Clarksville. 

From the moment I arrived at Safe Harbor, I felt at home. They welcomed me in like a family member. I was able to work a job, attend classes, work on anger management, and so much more. I was able to talk to my wife everyday and what was most important, I got to heal from what I had done to myself. Safe Harbor provided me a savings account and when I left I took some money with me! I took passes to see my family during the healing process and my marriage is stronger now than it has every been. I will always be an advocate for this Program! 

I have been working with Safe Harbor now for 3 years next month. I am not sure what my title should be, but if I could name myself it would be called “Safe Harbor Advocate" because this place is giving many people an opportunity that so many of our predecessors did not get! A chance! A chance to make a change! A chance to mend those relationships! A safe place to worship our loving God! A chance to get a clean slate with the courts by paying off fines and restitution! We offer help to the guys that need it the most that wouldn't normally be able to get it. 

You don't need a dollar in your pocket to come to Safe Harbor and recover... just the right attitude! I really love what we do and that's all I got to say about that!"

Celebration Sunday - April 2021

Congratulations to our graduates - Fletcher Bolling, William Farthing, Christopher Cozart, William Ramey, Robert Chapman, Thomas Johnson, Jeff McManis, & Russell Ross.
Happy April Birthday to Marcus Seay, Edwin Burnette, Medrekus McKinnie, Terry Wallace, Gregory Williams, & Robert Chapman!
Client of the Month is Shawn Jacobs. Congratulations
Dorm of the Month is Dorm 11. Great job guys
Reliable of the Month is William Read. Congrats