2nd Quarter News
2020 Statistics
Men Employed - 443
Taxes Paid - $243,576.35
Child Support Paid - $28,286.23

Men Housed - 65
Men Employed - 33
Graduates for the Quarter - 14
Baptisms for the Quarter - 8
Letter from the Director - Eric Alexander

Greetings in the name of the only begotten Son,  

   We at SHLR are excited about the business opening back up after this pandemic! Our numbers are on the rise and clients are starting to be released from prison at an increased pace. We are grateful for the opportunity to be of service to the men that are getting released from incarceration, it is indeed a privilege and an honor to help the men of SHLR move forward in the right direction. 

We have had new partners to come aboard since last quarter, Southern Glazers, Jason International, KT Produce, AWP Wood Products, D.I.M. Way Pallets, and this is only a foretaste of what The Lord has in store for us! Our men are being given better job opportunities and employment conditions that help to improve self-worth and purpose!

We are in the early stages of making plans to do an addition on our main building, it is our earnest desire to have a more up-to-date facility for the men we serve, this building will help the men feel good about the environment that they live in.

The clients had a great time on Memorial Day, we grilled in the park and had church service there also, their families had a great time also!!

Celebration Sunday - June 2021
Congratulations to our graduates; Gerald Gable, Christopher Ray, Justy Bess, William Bensley, William Lewis, & Anthony Hurst!
Reliable of the Month is Steven Crawford. Congrats!
Client of the Month is Roy Collins. Congratulations!

A look around Little Rock
Great things surround us everyday!
Father's Day morning church service
Transportation Coordinator and clients washing the vans yesterday on a sun filled day.
Rededication at Safe Harbor Little Rock
Sunday service “Gods perfect Mother” Coming from Proverbs 31
Ice cream & Movie night on Friday night!
Sunday Service with Communion! Minister Derrick has come back to preach after starting at Lighthouse 25 years ago!
Some great takeaways...
  • "The time is now choose God or just kick the can"
  • "Plan B will not work we have to stay on Gods plan"
  • "God is the only key that we need to open every door"
  • "The word has been made plain so that we all will feel God move today"
Pastor Eric & Chaplain Rucker bringing the Word today. We are overcomers!
Thank you Just Chillin Ministries of Little Rock for donating several bags of personal hygiene items for our clients!
Getting our grill ready for Memorial Day. Pastor Eric did an amazing job with it!
Getting ready to serve the clients God blessed us with
Pastor Eric brought the Word Sunday morning and we saw the altars filled. Sunday night Chaplain Rucker ministered to us and we had 8 clients baptized. What a wonderful day in Little Rock!
Client working hard at ICS! Thankful for our corporate partners.
Ice cream night at Joshua Group! Teaching our clients to walk in victory!

Memorial Day 2021

Celebration Sunday - May 2021
Congratulations to our graduates - Taylor Arnold, James Baldwin, & Joshua Sawire
Happy May Birthday to J'Voriee Howard, Brandon Lee, Richard Messsenger, Cory Stingley, & Jeffrey Rogers!
Reliable of the Month is Corey Marsh. Congratulations!
Client of the Month is Steven Crawford. Congrats!
Client Volunteer of the Month is Stephen Birkes. Congrats!
Partner of the Quarter - Jason International

The Lord knew what he was doing when he arranged our partnership with Jason International. The employees out there treat our clients like family. All 12 of our clients that work there are being considered for full-time once they complete the requirements. We believe this is a partnership that will last for a long time and we look forward to many more years of success with Jason International. 
Client of the Quarter - Larry Huey

Hello I'm Mr. Larry Huey, I came to Safe Harbor LR Program from Washington County Jail. I grew up in the church as young kid with my parents and sisters and brothers. But I didn't allow Christ in my life until I was about 33yrs old, and baptized at the age of 37 yrs old. But I strayed away from Christ and the church when I started using drugs plus getting in trouble with the law. Since I've been here at SHLR Program, with the help of the Lord and Chaplain Rucker, I've rededicated my life to Christ. So many things have happened after being at SHLR Program, I'm closer to my kids and grandkids. I'm saving money more than I've ever saved in my life. I really have enjoyed being at SHLR. I'm staying off the drugs. I've had so many courts cost, legal fees dismissed even warrants dismissed. Once I transfer from this facility I will recommend anyone that's coming out of prison or jail that really wants to change their life come to SHLR and work the program and see how God will turn things around for them.
Reliable Spotlight!

Our Reliable Coordinator received a call this week from a new partner stating that two of our clients were the hardest working men they have ever had there. We are so proud of them. Jon got them a gift card for a token of appreciation.
Staff of the Quarter - Jon Brooks

Jonathan Brooks is our Reliable Coordinator. Jon has the ability to take the ball and run with it. He is doing an excellent job with our Clients and partners!

Jon is on the fast track to becoming a director.

Celebration Sunday - April 2021

Congratulations to our graduates Feliz Diaz-Acevedo & Tony Jordan!
Our Reliable of the Month is Ricky Andrade Jr. Congrats!
Our Client of the Month is William Lewis. Congratulations