Message from the President & CEO
Last month, I wrote about MCE’s “COVID” journey through the lens of the Kubler Ross Change Curve.  I am happy to report that we are continuing to move forward and glad that many of you are as well. Recognizing the virus is still dominating our lives and organizations, we are hearing about some positive outcomes of having change thrust upon us. For MCE, it is the transition from face-to-face to virtual learning, allowing us to be more efficient and reach more participants. 

For Pam Rennie, Manager, Early Years Programs at the District of Muskoka, it is a similar story. One of their silver linings is the deepening of their client relationships. In March, Pam’s team began Wellness Calls to over 700 families, supporting them with basic needs, helping them navigate government resources like CERB and providing an ear for listening. The crisis also provided an opportunity for them to re-examine and analyze what they do.  

We should all take this time to ask ourselves and our clients, what can we do better?   

There is no question of the devastation Covid-19 has caused and continues to cause. The intent here is certainly not to minimize that but instead to look for the positives, the glimmers of hope and positive change.

As we approach the holiday season, my wish is that we each look for the opportunity to be the positive in someone else’s life. Provide an ear for listening. Extend a hand to support someone through the curve. 

From our Team at MCE to yours, we wish you healthy and safe celebrations.

Audie McCarthy | President & CEO
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Happy New Year and see you again in 2021!
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