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Let's Talk Autism
Happy Fourth of July!
The Oklahoma Autism Network would like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe 4th of July!

While we are all facing difficult times and having to social distance from family and friends, there are several ways to keep connected this holiday weekend.

  • Houseparty is a video calling app which allows users to interact with each other with games and quizzes to play. 
  • Zoom allows family and friends to have a virtual backyard gathering.
  • Facetime can allow smaller groups to connect and share their backyard cookout feasts!
Let's Focus On Our Next Website Section
" Learn Helpful Everyday Strategies"
I CAN...
As we continue to highlight the new Navigating Autism section of our website, we will be introducing you to information and toolkits to help you on your autism journey. While written with parents/caregivers in mind, the information can be useful and beneficial to providers, other family members, and individuals.

This week we are highlighting "I Can...Learn Helpful Everyday Strategies". Located in this section are three webinars you an view:
  • Challenging Behavior
  • Everyday Strategies
  • Proactive Parenting.
You can also learn strategies for going out in the community, the use of visual supports and finding everyday learning opportunities for your child with ASD.

To learn more:
Coming Next Week!
Next week we will introduce you to
"I Can...Make A Plan". I n this section of the website we provide information and tools to assist you in developing a plan for your child. As time goes on and your child grows, and you learn more information about ASD, you will likely modify this plan to best meet your child’s needs. In this section, we introduce you to key areas that research indicates are important for a comprehensive program/plan for an individual with ASD. 

To learn more:

Stay safe and healthy!
The Oklahoma Autism Network Team