Trafficking will end ONLY when

people are empowered to change their lives.

End it now. Support survivors. 


Because empowerment ends exploitation.  

What does empowerment look like?  

You are free from physical and mental abuse and fear

You can safely communicate without being tracked 

You have your birth certificate and social security number

You have access to safe housing

You have enough food to eat and can feed your children

You can safely move between your home and your job

You can attend school or job training 

You can find safe work for a fair wage 

Voluntad supports people as they assert power and control over their lives by believing in their dignity and supporting them as they determine their needs and their path to a life beyond exploitation.* 

* In 2022, 76% of Voluntad clients who worked with us for 120 days were able to move out of crisis and danger and move forward into stability and growth in multiple areas of their lives.

I want to empower survivors

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