Social Media Management
Why should you still be posting and sharing your company posts on Facebook? Since 2020, over 60% of Americans have used it regularly.
This graphic is an excellent representation of why you need to have a social media strategy. 

There are approximately 250-million citizens in the US over the age of 11. That would mean Facebook is used by 172.2-million people, while 57.4-million use LinkedIn. If you are not using social media or misusing it, you miss out on all these potential customers.

Social Media Management can be complex and overwhelming for many companies. It is constantly changing, and you have to be out there consistently. 

Social Media Management is now a comprehensive part of many companies' marketing plans. For example, last week, I was approached by a recruiter who asked if I knew of someone to fill a position for a Director of Social Media at $60k a year! And this was not a Fortune 500 company.

We have Social Media Management services starting at $250 a month. So if you want the opportunity to reach out to the 280-million people in the US who are using social media, Click Here to shoot me an email with your questions or give me a call at 727.888.1200.

Allen Jernigan
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Florida Tax Holidays & Exemptions
6/3: World Bicycle Day
6/5: Pentecost
 6/5: World Environment Day
 6/7: Chocolate Ice Cream Day
6/8: World Oceans & BFF Day
6/14: Flag Day
6/19: Father’s Day
6/20: American Eagle Day
6/21: Summer Solstice
6/24: Take your Dog to Work Day

USPS Major Rate Increases
Rates will increase, on average, by 6.5% for letters, packages, postcards, direct mail, and package delivery can be as high as 8.5%. In addition, mass mailers could increase by 12.6%! USPS could enact the price hikes as early as July 2022.
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