Meet Sydney, a 15 year old Volunteer!
Sydney makes a difference in Phaeton.

February 1, 2019

We continue our interview series with this conversation with Sydney, a young volunteer in Haiti. She recently joined us on a short-term mission trip when she was 15 years old. Sydney is an inspiration to anyone considering a mission trip to Haiti! Everyone has a place and a way to serve, regardless of age or skills. Dr. Oris Guillaume conducts the interview below.

Dr. Oris: Today we are in Phaeton, Haiti and we have a beautiful woman from the United States with us. Would you please tell us your name?

Sydney: I'm Sydney!

Dr. Oris: Is there anything you would like to tell us about our travels?

Sydney: Well, I was a missionary kid, so I've been traveling since the fifth grade. I just love going to other countries, serving people, and meeting their needs.

Dr. Oris: How did you hear about Haiti Cheri?

Sydney: My youth group was planning a trip to Haiti.

Dr. Oris: So where did you say you first went when you were just a little kid?

Sydney: We were in Costa Rica for eight months, and then we were missionaries in the Dominican Republic for two years.

Dr. Oris: What is your favorite thing about serving other people?

Sydney: I love making a difference and knowing that even though I'm 15 I have a way to help others.

Dr. Oris: Tell us about this trip. Is this trip special to you, and why is it special?

Sydney: It's been special to get to know the team, and to join the Haitian people and get to know them, even though we don't speak the same language.

Dr. Oris: How do you feel that God is using you in Haiti at a young age?

Sydney: It's really exciting for me. I'm hoping to be a missionary one day and I really enjoy being out here in the mission field.

Dr. Oris: If you would like to invite a young person to come to Haiti, what would you like to say to this young person?

Sydney: I would say it's an amazing opportunity that would change your life, and it will open your eyes as to how you can serve others.

Dr. Oris: How can we pray for you?

Sydney: Ummm... Well, I would say school!

Dr. Oris: No problem, thank you so very much Sydney!

We would love to have you join us in Haiti, just as Sydney did! For more information, just click here!
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