Let's Grow the Alumni Association along side Texas 4-H

The theme for the 2013-2014 Texas 4-H year is "Let's Go, Let's Grow".  This is a great opportunity for the Texas 4-H Friends and Alumni Association to do the same.


Beginning August 15 - May 31, 2014, the Texas 4-H Friends & Alumni Association will be hosting the "Let's Go, Let's Grow Too" alumni and supporters membership drive.  A significant portion of the funds raised through this campaign will be returned to the local 4-H Club or County 4-H Program by the Friends and Alumni Association .


Recruitment materials will be made available on the Texas 4-H Friends & Alumni website or you can email Jana Barrett to have them sent to you direct.   The membership drive materials include talking points about the efforts of the Association, a membership information flier and F&A Membership recruitment forms.

The County and/or local 4-H Club portion of Memberships sold will be as follows:

  • Lifetime Membership ($50 donated to County and/or Club)
  • Associate Membership ($50 donated to County and/or Club)
  • Annual Membership ($10 donated to County and/or Club)
  • Collegiate Membership ($5 donated to County and/or Club)

The individual 4-H member recruiting "F&A Memberships" will be allowed to designate their portion of the funds to their specific local 4-H club (subject to verification of club charter by the State 4-H office and notification to the county), their local County 4-H Program, or split the funds between both their Club and their County 4-H Program.


The Texas 4-H Friends & Alumni Association is here to assist all 254 Counties across Texas with raising funds for their local 4-H programs. All your county has to have are 4-H Alumni and Friends of 4-H within your county lines to be a part of this new fund raising endeavor!!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jana Barrett at 979-845-1213.  

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