March 2020

"We are an organization of churches that is committed
to the mission of Christ to multiply disciple-making churches
through evangelism, leadership training, and connection with
other like-minded churches."
“Pastor, Preacher or Disciplemaker”
"When it comes to calling , most pastors feel very confident about their calling to pastoral ministry. I have that experience in my journey to pastoral ministry. I remember the old warning back in College, “if there is anything else you can do, do it” . . . Read More

Dr. Brad Little,
CB North Central Interim Regional Director
ANNOUNCEMENT CORRECTION: Brad Little is lead pastor of Oak Grove Church in Golden Valley, MN. The previous announcement said Oak Grove Church in Oak Grove, MN.
Eldon Carlson
This month we’d like you to get to know Eldon Carlson. Eldon is on staff at CBNC as our Networking Director. He loves our region and personally knows many of our pastors. He is investing in networking men who can encourage each other and actively supports church leadership by prayer and perspective as they seek the mind of Christ and plan strategic movement for the sake of the gospel in their churches. His heart is filled with passion to see CB pastors within the entire North Central region continue to connect, in order to advance the Gospel within their communities.  Read More

-by Dr. Brad Little
CBNC Interim Regional Executive Director
Brandon Cooper
Board Chairman
Elmhurst, IL
Brandon is Senior Pastor at Cityview Community Church in Elmhurst, IL, and lives nearby with his wife and four daughters. He is the author of A Word to the Wise: Lessons from Proverbs for Young Adults, the founder of Follow After Ministries (an equipping ministry for disciple-makers) and served on the mission field in Colombia previously. He is an avid soccer enthusiast (Arsenal FC), a lifelong Cubs fan, and a music aficionado.
Walt Moser
Board Member
Luverne, MN
Walt attended North American Baptist Seminary in Sioux Falls, SD after serving in the U.S. Army. Once he graduated he served in a number of South Dakota churches and was privileged to work with church planting in the Dakotas, NE and KS. Currently Walt and his wife Beryl are serving at First Baptist Church, Luverne, MN since mid-October 2016. Outside of ministry Walt and Beryl enjoy camping, backpacking and bicycle touring. In 2015 they spent three months riding their bicycles from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean and would love to do it again.  The next major bicycle trip planned is riding from Montana to Alaska.
James Perry
Board Member
Marion, IA
James has been married to his college sweetheart, Gina for more than 20 years. They have 2 daughters, Faith (14) and Lydia (10). James began his professional ministry career as a teenager, but together the Perry family have served the congregation at Squaw Creek Baptist Church in Marion, Iowa for the last 4 years. James’ undergraduate work was completed at Trinity International University, while his Masters Degree in Theological Studies comes from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary. James enjoys riding his motorcycle and trying to keep up with the busy life of a family with active kids. 
Because of recent changes in structure within CB North Central
we are looking for new faces to fill the Board. If you are
interested in serving the CB North Central Region in this capacity
contact Brad Little at 763-350-4263 or email him at .
"Let's Have Coffee"
"When I first came on the scene of working in a CB church back in 1976 I was blessed. Fresh out of seminary I had all the answers; at least I thought I did. My ordination paper was a 19 page single spaced masterpiece. I was blessed by being surrounded by seasoned pastors that molded me, even when I did not realize I needed shaping! I may have learned more about ministry in those monthly meetings than I did in 3½ years of seminary.

Pastor Eldon Carlson
CBNC Networking Director

Deadline April 1st
Do you know a high school senior graduating this spring?

The  HENRY C. SPICER SCHOLARSHIP  is awarded each year to high school seniors planning to attend college in the Fall. To qualify, an applicant must be a committed Christian and a regular attender of a CBNC affiliated church. Pass this information on to someone you know. 

For more information and an application, visit our  website

More questions? Contact the CB North Central office by phone 763-205-9330
or email  

ON or BEFORE April 1st. 
Faithbridge Church - Park Rapids, MN
called Pastor Jeff Lange as their new pastor. He has accepted the call and will begin his ministry at Faithbridge this month.
Cavalier Baptist Church - Cavalier, ND
has called Pastor Timothy Sobitz, III, to be their new pastor. He accepted the call and will begin his ministry in Cavalier May 1.
Please be in prayer for these pastors, their families and these churches during this time of transition.
First Baptist Church in Shelby, OH is Looking for a Pastor
We’d love to share with you some information about our church. And we’d love to receive some information from you as well.

Thank you for your interest!
Sincerely in Jesus,
Pastoral Search Committee
Shelby First Baptist Church

To find out more about this position click on the button.
Plaid Ponderings: Show Them God  XXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXX No. 7
(Formerly Podunk Ponderings)
Last year the National Park Service recorded 327.5 million visits to the National Parks of the U.S. The estimated population of the U.S. that same year was 329 million. Nearly as many people visited our National Parks as live in the country. That statistic is somewhat incredible considering the fact that most of our National Parks consist of big rocks and big holes! Yet these big rocks that we call “mountains”, and these big holes that we call “canyons” and “caves”, draw in people by the hundreds of millions, and the vast majority of these people come simply to look at these places. Why is that? Read More


A Plaid Pastor
-by Pastor Josh Emmel
Faith Baptist Church, Kenmare, ND
Gerad Hall is a pastor in the Quad Cities area (Iowa cities Davenport & Bettendorf; Illinois cities Rock Island, Moline & East Moline) who is planning a new church plant. For more information click here . If you would like to contact Pastor Hall you can email him at .
"Et tu Brute?" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx No. 8 
"The Ides of March lands on a Sunday this year. Many know that this will mark the 2,064 th anniversary of the assassination of Caesar. The recounting of the Caesar’s final words made famous by Shakespeare (although historically questionable) are, “Et tu Brute?” (You too Brutus?). This has come to represent the ultimate betrayal." Read More

Pastor Gerad Hall
Quad Cities
CBAmerica Chaplaincy
" Lingering Longer with the Lord - Chaplain Preps himself for Divine Duty"
" Every morning I made it my practice to not leave my small room until I was happy in the Lord and filled up by His Spirit through prayer and Bible reading.  Every morning wasn’t memorable.  However, each morning became very meaningful.  One morning about half-way through my 6-month deployment . . . "    Read More
-by Chaplain Dan Wilton, Illinois Air National Guard, Deployed

Rev. Andy Meverden
Director of Chaplaincy
3686 Stagecoach Rd, Unit F
Longmont, CO 80504
PLEASE PRAY for the Following Churches in Transition

First Baptist Church - Colfax, IA
First Baptist Church - Detroit Lakes, MN
Faith Fellowship Church - Cincinnati, OH
First Baptist Church - Shelby, OH
Is Your Church Website Ready For Easter?
"With the importance of digital information to people today, it is incredibly important that your website is ready for Easter or any special event." Read More
-by Yvon Prehn,

8 Things That Keep Young People In Church
"It’s no secret that many college-age students who were raised in church drop out once they’re on their own. On the other hand, some churches have done a good job of keeping and reaching this group." Read More
-by Chuck Lawless,

How Church Leaders Deal With Gossip In the Church
"Gossip is an issue dealt with in scripture and a habit Christians are mandated not to take part in, but is unfortunately still a problem leaders deal with on a consistent basis. How do leaders deal with gossip in the church?" Read More & Listen to Podcast
-by Thom & Sam Rainer,
CB N orth C entral Cluster Groups
Central Minnesota
Monday, March 17, 10am to Noon
Reading "What's Funny About God" by Steve Wilkens
Meeting at River of Live Church, Hastings, MN
Steve Schoenwald, River of Life Church, Hastings, MN

Southern Minnesota
Tuesday, April 28, 11am to 1pm
Discussing the book "Prayer" by John Onwuchekwa
Meeting at Pizza Ranch in Jackson, MN
Walt Moser, First Baptist Church, Luverne, MN

Northern Minnesota/North Dakota
Wednesday, March 18, 3pm
Virtual Meeting
Eldon Carlson, CBNC Regional Cluster Group Director

Thursday, March 19, Noon
Season's Café , Barron, WI
Eldon Carlson, Bloomer, WI
Wade Duroe, Crossroads Church, Chippewa Falls, WI

To Be Decided
Meeting at Calvary Baptist Church, Cedar Rapids, IA
Jay Jentink, Calvary Baptist Church, Cedar Rapids, IA

Thursday, March 19, 9am
Virtual meeting
Eldon Carlson, CBNC Regional Cluster Group Director

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Dr. Brad Little
CB North Central Interim Executive Regional Director

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