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February 2020 Newsletter
~February is American Heart Month~
Give Yourself
A Healthy Horizon with
the following Heart-Healthy Treats!
It's time to treat yourself and we can help! We offer many indulgent products that will make you or your loved ones feel extra-special while maintaining or assisting your health goals at the same time.
Magnesium is very good for our heart. It helps support blood pressure, heart rhythm and the heart muscles itself. It is involved in transporting other electrolytes into the cells, as well. Electrolytes are all-important for nerve signals and the muscle contractions of a normal heartbeat. There are a few ways to take magnesium. The following products make it fun to fill your quota of this important mineral...
Bath Flakes

Soak in a relaxing bath with this highly concentrated form of magnesium. These flakes are made to be added to either a bath or a foot-bath. Soaking in this mineral will promote relaxation and soothe tired, aching muscles (including your heart muscle). A gentle and FUN way to supplement!

Many sizes available, from 1 cup to 20 cup packaging.
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion Goodnight

After you soak in a magnesium-rich bath, why not use this wonderful sleep-promoting lotion? This is a smooth, quickly absorbed emulsion of magnesium and melatonin in a skin-nourishing base of certified organic oils. Fragrance free and gentle. Use 30 minutes before sleep for best results.
Plant Therapy Bubble Bath
Try Plant Therapy Bubble Bath! It has relaxing blend of essential oils to help ease tension and a stressful day. Let your body relax and experience a peaceful state of mind with this wonderful bubble bath.
Relaxing Treats
Managing stress is an important factor in our overall health...especially heart-health. Use the following items to continue to de-stress after that relaxing magnesium bath! Plant Therapy organic Relax and Lavender to diffuse in a diffuser.
Pukka Elderberry
and Echinacea Tea

Comforting, immune-strengthening, WARM! Continue your relaxing routine with this
delicious tea.
The essential oils in the Relax synergy were specially chosen to help promote a peaceful, tranquil state of mind. Try Relax after a particularly trying day when you need some emotional support and relaxation.
Lavender essential oil is known for its many beneficial properties, including promoting calm, relaxation, and being a nervous tension reliever. 
Plant Therapy Essential Oils
20% Off Sleep Tight Set
Plant Therapy
Sleep Tight Set
This set has everything you need to calm and relax the body and mind for a good night’s sleep. You get the Sleep Tight essential oil blend in an undiluted 10 mL bottle, Sleep Tight essential oil body cream, and Sleep Tight bubble bath! You’ll also get a 4 oz. Lavender Organic Hydrosol, eye mask, ear plugs, and sleep tips card, all in a unique zippered bag. A wonderful addition to your nighttime routine!
Love is in the Air!
"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."
-Lao Tzu
Very Special Essential Oil Blends
Essential Oil Blend
Love your body from the outside --> in, with our very own "perfume" made 100% from essential oils. Free of harmful, hormone-disrupting toxins, this very unique blend is mixed right here in the store..it's a true original.
A Healthy Horizon's
"House Blend"
Do you love the scent and pleasant feelings you experience as you walk into A Healthy Horizon? We diffuse our House Blend essential oil blend and it is also available for you to purchase to diffuse in your own home!
New Salt Lamps
Come in and see 0ur new salt lamps we have! Salt Lamps are amazing they help the air get clean and look beautiful in your home, office or anywhere you put them.
Dark Chocolates
This fine European chocolate is sweetened with sugar-free natural plant fiber (chicory root) that tastes exactly like sugar. We have a variety of flavors to choose from. A perfect...and healthy...treat.
Knowledge is POWER!
One of the best ways to treat yourself is to have the knowledge to successfully address and prevent your specific health concerns. A Healthy Horizon is very unique, as it not only has health-enhancing products, but even more-so we provide you with information that can address and prevent ill health!

Come see our Remedy Wall for suggestions on the following issues:

  • Natural Pain Relief
  • Low Libido
  • System Detox
  • Cold , Flu and Immunity Support for all ages

There are many, many more suggested remedies on the wall. Stop in and take a look.
Recipes of the Month
February Product Specials
Enjoy 10% off of the following
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Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Ultra Lotion

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Goodnight Lotion
Bath Flakes
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In good health and love, Brittany, Cecilia
Donna, Jaedon, Jamie,
Melissa & Polly