Meet Solvi and Her Horse, Lucky
When Bree got the results of her daughter Solvi’s genetic test after her first seizure, her world collapsed. Solvi was diagnosed with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome and CVI. “Everything changed on how I navigated life,” explains Bree. “If Solvi didn’t get the early intervention services as soon as possible, it would set her back even further.” 

She began working with her EI-TVI from A Shared Vision because she wasn’t tracking or reaching for objects. “We love our EI-TVI. She taught me how to use vision strategies while we were playing with Solvi. One time she brought a recipe and the ingredients for pumpkin pie play dough. We had a lot of fun making it and then playing with it.” 

Solvi’s other “therapist” is her horse, Lucky. Bree has always believed in the healing power of horses. When she learned the hippotherapy programs near her were full, “I decided to help some horses and Solvi at the same time.” She bought two horses that no one wanted anymore. They go to the stable several times a week to ride Lucky. Solvi has her own saddle and wears a helmet. “Horses are magical. Lucky has taught Solvi how to be strong, how to use her balance and engage all her senses. And Lucky makes her laugh!” explains Bree. If other A Shared Vision families are interested in hippotherapy, or would like to meet Lucky, Bree invites them to contact her HERE.

Let's Have a Pizza Party!
What’s not to like about pizza? You can top it with anything. Kids love it. And it’s an easy recipe to make at home with your child who is visually impaired. Making pizza together also provides tons of sensory opportunities and helps build small motor skills. Try our new sensory recipe HERE.

Buon Appetito!

Ask the Expert -- What Is "Wait Time"?

What is “wait time?” Children take longer to process new information than adults. This is especially true for children with visual impairments. “Wait time” is a strategy that will help slow down your interactions with your child and increase opportunities for learning, social interaction, and communication. When doing an activity with your child, allow for 10-second pauses in the conversation to allow your child to process and respond.  Watch for cues that your child is enjoying the activity - smiling, kicking legs, reaching and making “happy” sounds are common ways children tell us they are enjoying an activity. Although it might be hard for you as a parent to slow down, this strategy of “Wait Time” is important for a child to learn to communicate their wants and needs independently.
Check Out the 2020 Annual Report
We counted the numbers! In 2020, a record 211 families received 2,141 educational service visits from our licensed EI-TVIs. The number of children and services provided in rural areas increased 36% and 20%, respectively. We also trained 800 EI professionals on the new vision screening protocol developed during the pandemic. Learn more about our impact HERE.
We're Hiring!
Do you love working with babies and toddlers? Are you interested in supporting little ones with blindness or visual impairments? Referrals across the state for vision services are increasing for children birth to age three! We would like to find teachers to help meet these statewide needs.

A Shared Vision is the leading provider of early intervention vision services in Colorado. We’re looking for collaborative, sensitive, licensed Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments who are interested in a flexible work schedule. We will support the training and mentoring to help you succeed in early intervention – it is different providing services to caregivers, rather than students! If interested, please send an email HERE with your resume and a short paragraph on why you're interested in supporting families with children, birth to age three.
More Training Offerings Available
Basic Strategies for Babies & Toddlers with Blindness or Visual Impairments. This 45-minute, virtual session describes basic strategies when engaging with a child, birth to age three, who is blind or visually impaired. Strategies include hand-under-hand, verbalization and narration, direct interaction with real objects, use of child’s name (not pronoun), wait time, positional concepts and body awareness. Sessions take place on May 17, May 27, June 15 and June 25. Sign up HERE.

Vision Screening. Training sessions available through August – Sign Up HERE

A Shared Vision is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and the leading provider of in-home and community early intervention vision services in Colorado. We inspire and empower families to nurture the development of their very young children who are blind or visually impaired so that all children may discover their brightest future.
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