A couple of days ago, a bird kept pecking on my client's bedroom window. When she finally asked the bird what she was trying to tell her, she heard "CALL ELLIE". She then called me in a panic.

It turns out my beloved cat Blue who is in Spirit now and is a very high level being, was aware of the situation with my client's sister. She is the one who worked with the bird to get my client's attention so she would call me.
My client's sister in law who is a nurse, had been sick with the Coronavirus the past week. She seemed to be doing better, but the night before took a turn for the worse, developing pneumonia. My client called me after 'Gloria' was admitted to the hospital that morning.

Pneumonia can be a death sentence when the immune system is already compromised, especially when it is as serious as the COVID-19 virus. Although I was hoping to take Sunday off, I could sense the seriousness of her sister in law's situation while we were on the phone together. I knew her window of time to live was closing.