Don't Know About You, But We're Feelin' 2022!
A Few of Our Favorites...
Swiss Cheese Plant
monstera adansonii
Pinstripe Plant
calathea ornata
Prayer Plant
maranta leuconeura
Pink Quill Plant
tillandsia cyanea
Polka Dot Begonia
begonia maculata
Sweetheart Hoya
hoya kerrii
Shark Fin Plant
sansevieria 'Shark Fin'
Rex Begonias
begonia rex
Brighten your home or give a long-lasting, living gift with our selection of houseplants. Bring home the happiness of a houseplant to enhance your space year-round.
NASA Approved Houseplants to Purify Air
Mark Your Calendars!
Plants to Pique Winter Interest
Blue Atlas
Korean Fire
Harry Lauder's
Walking Stick
Northern Sea
Fairy Blush
Decorating Birdhouses With Edible Bird Seed Glue

From Kid Friendly Things to Do
Don't forget to feed your outdoor pets this time of year! These DIY bird feeders are just too cute for words. Forget gingerbread houses - edible birdhouses are all the rage.

Marcum's Family Recipes
Jennifer's Black-Eyed Pea Soup
Celebrate the new year with the promise of prosperity in a pot! A traditional southern favorite, black-eyed pea soup! It's not a new year without it!

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