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Let's Help Ukraine!

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The health and well-being of Ukrainians is an important focus at Kybele. We’ve worked with mothers in Ukraine for more than four years, building relationships and making lifelong friendships with partners, mothers, and families.

Dr. Oleg Turkot, the co-founder of Kybele’s Ukraine program will be traveling to Ukraine this week to offer his help to Ukrainian citizens. Kybele is looking for donations of portable ultrasounds and video laryngoscopes to help save lives.

Here’s how you can help: 

  1. If you have connections at medical manufacturers (i.e., GE, Phillips, Verathon), consider soliciting a rapid donation for efforts in Ukraine or sharing this urgent request.
  2. If you have access to portable ultrasounds and video laryngoscopes that you would be willing to donate or sell to Kybele for rapid deployment, please reach out to our support staff, Erin.
  3. Donate funds to support our emergency Ukraine response.
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What Is Happening in Ukraine


Dr. Oleg Turkot is in close contact with many Ukrainian medical professionals, and we are keeping our friends and partners close to our hearts. 

In this state of emergency, hospitals must convert maternity wards to emergency facilities for incoming casualties. Many physicians and those with medical experience are being mobilized to military units and hospitals. 

A hospital Kybele works closely with, Maternity Hospital Number Six, has taken a social media pledge to do everything they can to take care of their women and babies. Even in these times of crisis, women are still giving birth and needing care for their growing families. 

There is a strong sense of unity in Ukraine right now, they are in this together - but they are scared. 

Dr. Turkot shared, “We have a commitment to Ukrainian moms, children, and taking care of them. That commitment does not change. It may be that projects alter in their format, but we are there ready to support as needed through these difficult and trying times."

The New York Times tweeted this video showing newborn infants from the neonatal intensive care unit at a children’s hospital in Dnipro, in eastern Ukraine, were moved into a makeshift bomb shelter on a lower level of the building on Thursday.

Our hearts are with Ukraine during this time. They need our help.

Please consider donating to our efforts in Ukraine. 

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