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this Sunday, May 29th
9:00 AM - Faith Formation
10:00 AM - Worship
Today and Tomorrow:
KGPC is hosting the Compassion Journey!!
Join us today, May 27th between 1 and 8 pm or Saturday, May 28th between 9 am and 6 pm for a 20 to 30 minute interactive, family-friendly experience that will allow you to learn more about the reality of global poverty and what you can do to bring hope to children in need. Sign up HERE
This is a great opportunity to invite your friends and neighbors to KGPC, so please share the registration link and invite others to come with you!

We do have a need for a few more welcome table volunteers.
From 1-2 and from 4-6 on Saturday.
Please contact Suzy Farley if you are available. 

Our Hearts Break for What Breaks God’s Heart

Originally this article was supposed to be about Memorial Day weekend and one worship service, June 5th Pentecost Sunday where we celebrate our confirmation class and the gift of the Holy Spirit, June 12th Graduation Sunday, June 19th Ordination and Installation Sunday, in addition to the upcoming Compassion Journey, Yard Sale, and other summer events. But on Tuesday that all changed.

It’s been a hard week. The tragedy at Robb Elementary School has stopped me in my tracks once again. 21 people are dead, 19 of them children, after another mass shooting just a week after two other mass shootings in a Presbyterian Church and grocery store. It’s heartbreaking. What has been your reaction? Tears, fear, anger, sadness, helplessness, avoidance, and the list goes on and on. I admit to experiencing all of these in the last week.

I have no doubt that God’s heart also breaks over these tragedies. These are the times I remember that not everything that happens in this world is God’s will. That free will and evil lead us away from the kind of life and society God intends us to have. That God is still all powerful and all loving. That God has a ministry for us to do as we live in a world full of hurt and pain. That faith is not intended to be a shelter from this world but a lens through which we engage in this world.
How our faith leads us to engage this world will vary. Some will call for more mental health and family support resources. Some will call for a reform on gun laws. Some will call for our country to turn to God and an increase in evangelism efforts. Some will pray fervently and earnestly for the victim’s families, the community, the gunman, and others. Some will call for all of these and some will stay silent. Each of us will grieve and respond in our own way as we feel led by the Holy Spirit.

We want to create a space for us to grieve, pray, and respond. On Sunday, June 5, at 4:00 in our parking lot, we will have a prayer vigil for peace and justice. We will invite the community and partner with Interfaith Alliance at the Beach to offer prayer and provide opportunities for action steps. Prayer is powerful and a witness that we believe in a God who is in relationship with us, who hears us, and who acts on our behalf. I hope you will consider joining together as we pray for our country, for victims of gun violence, and for a better future. Then, respond in the way that you feel God is calling you to.

May we Grow Stronger, Shine Brighter, Love Deeper, and Transform Our World,
Pastor Chris
We believe, as a community of faith, that the loss of life due to gun violence in our country is antithetical to God’s will for humanity. Together, we gather as a response to the gun violence at Robb Elementary School, Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, and Tops Friendly Market. Please join King’s Grant Presbyterian Church and the Interfaith Alliance at the Beach on June 5, 2022 at 4PM in the front parking lot of KGPC for prayer and action.
Our livestream is available Sundays on YouTube and also on Facebook! Use the links below. The links will also be in the Sunday Morning Worship email.
Visit our Facebook page to worship
with us live.
Easter 2022 Worship Series
When in Doubt, Read the Instructions
(Jesus’ words in certain bibles
are printed in red letters for emphasis.)

May 29------“Beware, Don’t Worry”  
Mark 13:9-11; Acts 21:27-33; Acts 23:1-6

June 5 (Pentecost)--“I Will Send the Holy Spirit to You”          
John 14:25-26; John 15:26-27; Acts 1:4,5,8; Acts 2:1-12
The Life of David: From Faithful Shepherd Boy to Flawed King
2022 Summer Worship Series
Other than Jesus, David is written about more than anyone else in scripture. He is hailed as the greatest king of Israel, yet he was a paradox. He was a man after God’s own heart, yet he made destructive choices, abused his power, and caused brokenness in the lives of others. In his story we learn about friendship and betrayal, temptation and grace, sin and redemption, cowardice and courage, arrogance and humility. Ultimately he sought to follow God and was redeemed by truth and forgiveness. This summer we will look at the highlights and lowlights of David’s life and learn what it means to be a flawed human being after God’s own heart.
June 12---The Unlikely People God Chooses: David the Shepherd Boy
----------I Samuel 16
        “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…” Psalm 23
As Samuel seeks the next King of Israel, God instructs him to go to Jesse’s house. Just when Samuel is convinced which son is the chosen one, God reminds Samuel, “the Lord does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” (7) God chose a kid no one noticed as the youngest of 8 to be the future King. How often do we look on the outward appearance of someone instead of their heart for God? Are we people after God’s heart? So often God chooses the most unlikely people…even us.

June 19---Slaying the Giants in Your Life: David and Goliath
----------I Samuel 17       
 “I went out to meet the Philistine, and he cursed me by his idols. But I drew his own sword; I beheaded him, and took away disgrace from the people of Israel.” Psalm 151
When everyone cowered at Goliath’s challenge, David stepped forward to face the giant. Refusing Saul’s armor, David took with him into battle his slingshot and a few stones. With faith and courage, against all odds, he believed God would give him the victory. What are the giants in your life? How will you face them with faith and courage?

June 26---When You Are Stabbed in the Back: David and Saul
----------I Samuel 18        
“Save me, O God, by your name, and vindicate me by your might. Hear my prayer, O God; give ear to the words of my mouth. For the insolent have risen against me, the ruthless seek my life; they do not set God before them.” Psalm 54
After killing Goliath, David was loved by everyone, except Saul. The current king resented David and became jealous of him. Saul turned on David and tried to kill him. David flees for his life to hide in the caves. Yet even in this trying time, David kept his faith as God used that time to prepare him for his future reign. God develops his character in the cave to prepare him to receive the crown. Though we have cave-like times in our lives when it seems the world is against us, God often uses that time as a training ground for what lies ahead. When have been hurtful times in your life that God has redeemed to deepen your faith, refine your character, or prepare you for future events?

July 3----A Covenant with God: David’s Throne and Poetry
---------II Samuel 7

July 10---What a Tangled Web We Weave: David’s Affair with Bathsheba
---------II Samuel 11

July 31---Problem Children and Struggling Parents: David and His Sons
---------II Samuel 12; I Kings 1

Aug. 7---David’s Last Words: David and His Legacy                                          
--------iI Kings 2; I Chronicles 29
Prayer Concerns
Prayer Concerns: Don Evans
Flowers on Sunday are dedicated to God's glory and in loving memory of Dean Sheppard’s 79th birthday and the first anniversary of his death. With love, Kathryn Sheppard and family. 

Memorial Service May 29th- 2:00 PM for Shirley Slaughter
Starting Tuesday, May 31st Office Hours are 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Sunday, May 29
9:00 AM- *Adult Study/Pilgrim’s Progress Part 2    
    *Adult Study/Red Letters of Matthew 
    *Combined class for PreK – K through
----Club 345 in Rm 118 
    *Middle School- Rm 102/Pavilion
10:00 AM- Worship Service
2:00 PM- Shirley Slaughter Memorial Service & Reception
Monday, May 30  Memorial Day
Office Closed
9:30 AM- Quilters
Tuesday, May 31
11:30 AM- Lydia Circle meeting at Florence Strange’s home for a potluck luncheon
11:30 AM- Staff Meeting   
7:00 PM- Book Club
Wednesday, June 1
7:00 AM- Prayer Breakfast
10:00 PM- Yard Sale drop off
6:00 & 6:30 PM - Music Team Rehearsal
7:00 PM- Ladies Bible Study
7:15 PM-Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal
Thursday, June 2
10:00 PM- Yard Sale drop off
7:00 PM- Men’s Chorus Rehearsal
Friday, June 3
9:00 AM- King’s Bells
10:00 PM- Yard Sale drop off
Saturday, June 4
7:00 AM- Yard Sale
A Note from Amanda:
March 5, I came home from the Confirmation Retreat around noon and began to prep dinner for some friends that we were having over that night. Max and I went out to the garden to pick carrots for the salad. I sat down to weed and dig out the carrots, and as I bent forward to grab a carrot, I felt my water break. I was panicked. I had carefully outlined the next few weeks of preparation for my maternity leave! I couldn’t deliver a baby FOUR WEEKS early! Alas, God’s timing is not my own.
Sunday, Chris announced the good news of Preston’s arrival to the congregation. She also spoke to me (through the video), as I was watching from my hospital bed, and reminded me to put my family first in this season. I am grateful for this congregation, who echoed that sentiment throughout my maternity leave! I felt loved and cared for by all of your thoughts, prayers, cards, and the amazingly generous gift to our family.
I’m writing this on Wednesday morning, and it is my third day back from Maternity Leave. So far this week, KGPC has hosted an amazing lunch for the Interfaith Alliance at the Beach, where 80 faith leaders from around the city gathered to learn about how to destigmatize mental health issues in their congregations. Today, we will celebrate Preschool Graduation, and Pastor Chris and I will lead the Preschoolers in reciting the Lord’s Prayer. Max, who has been part of this group, recognized the Lord’s Prayer in worship on Youth Sunday. He said (loudly) during the prayer over Communion: “Mom! That’s the prayer from my school! Jesus taught us that!”
This week, I have been ruminating on the other things that Jesus taught. Last week, we had three mass shootings in this country, one at a Presbyterian (USA) church. The Pastor of that church was attending the same continuing education event that I was at last week, and this church was the home church of Pastor Chris. Yesterday, this country was rocked by a school shooting that ended the lives of 14 elementary school students, their teacher, and the shooter himself. What has Jesus taught us about that? When Jesus said “Let the children come to me,” this is not what he had in mind. Children are precious, made in the image of God. God’s people are precious, made in the image of God. We must do what we can to end the violence that has become a normal part of our lives.
And so, the work continues. We are committing, on Pentecost, to our Confirmation students that we will continue to walk in faith alongside them as they discern God’s will in their lives. We are planning a high school youth mission trip to Baltimore, MD- a place where church folks, like us, are committed to healing their communities through food ministries, job ministries, and spiritual support. Grow is excited to try a new VBS curriculum this year called Compassion Camp, which will emphasize Jesus’ teachings on compassion, love, and justice. Connect will continue to host Locals on the Lawn, which helps us to bond and get to know our neighboring community. We will re-launch the Prayer Room with prayer stations and prompts, to encourage our congregation to have a rich and meaningful prayer life. Youth will also attend Massanetta and Montreat, where they will fellowship with other Presbyterian youth and continue to grow their faith.
Folks, the work does not end because God’s kingdom on earth has not yet been realized. I am committed to continuing to grow the kingdom through faith formation, outreach, and connectional ministry with other faith leaders. How will you get involved? 
Please stop by the Note-Writing Station in the hallway outside the side door of the sanctuary and write a thank you note to your child’s teacher or to your own small group leader. We will present the notes to our faith formation leaders at their Teacher Appreciation dinner on June 7th.

You can also write a note at home and drop it in the basket on the table. Notes and drawings from children would also be appreciated. Please be sure to indicate the recipient on the envelope provided.
We are seeking Leaders and Groups to coordinate each of the meal dates below:
·        June 22 (Led by Sue Mooney)
·        August 18
·        December 16

If you wish to get involved in the June 22 dinner or have any questions, please contact

To God be The Glory!
Serve Ministry
Word Share Prayer is a monthly scripture reading/reflection that Session and the leaders of ministries use to start their meetings. We will be including this in the monthly ENews for you to use throughout the month to read and meditate on.

READ: Galatians 5:22-26
By contrast, the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against such things. And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live by the Spirit, let us also be guided by the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, competing against one another, envying one another.

What is the fruit of the Spirit you exhibit the most?
Which fruit of the Spirit would you like more of?
How will you cultivate the fruits of the Spirit in your life? Name two specific ways
How are you living by the Spirit and being guided by the Spirit?
May Session Summary

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Statements of Faith given by the incoming class of Elders to serve as Session Members. The 2025 Class of Elders includes Susan Kerr, Sharon Gardner, Sue Mooney, Chris Anderson, and Youth Delegate Sean McNulty. Their examination was sustained and they were Approved Unanimously.

Paul Chidester, Director of Music Ministry Search Committee Lead, provided an update on the committee’s excellent progress. The Search Committee has been hard at work laying the foundation to begin identifying potential candidates for the Director of Music Ministry (DOMM). A thorough job description and proposed budget for the search process were presented to Session and Approved. Plans are in place to begin advertising for this position on a number of job posting sites, including The Presbyterian Association of Musicians.

Session discussed highlights from the recent Session Retreat and identified church-wide priorities and goals for the 2022-2023 church year that will be introduced at the June 17-18 Leadership Summit. The Leadership Summit is held once a year to go over Session’s focus and goals for the year. This is the one time we can all gather to look at the big picture of the church, where we have been, and where we are being directed by God in the coming year.
                                                                                                                               The KGPC Sanctuary Roof Replacement has been completed with the exception of miscellaneous electrical repairs and all expenses have been approved by Session. This ’50-year’ roof should serve us well into the future.
Cash Income-------------$62,158
Cash Expenses --------($54,494)
------------------------------------------- $187,945
Click HERE for the Finance Team Report for April 2022
UPDATE: Search for Director of Music Ministries
The KGPC Search Committee team continues to put the pieces together as we work toward finding a new Director of Music Ministries. This last month the team completed the job description, and with session approval, we are ready to post the job opening. We will be utilizing many different job posting sites, both secular and religious/educational, and have put a plan in place for the process of reviewing and tracking candidates' resumes. Please keep the team in prayer as we prayerfully consider each candidate and begin the search process.
Click below to see the full job description
June 28th at 7:00 PM in the Parlor
Beloved by Toni Morrison
Contact Julie Seipel if you need a book
Flag Person Needed:
Property ministry is looking for a person to take responsibility for installing and uninstalling the American flags in designated spots for all official USA holidays. If interested, please fill out the Connect Card or contact Claudia Hudgens, 757-560-4392.
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