Volume 14 | Issue 8.1 | 1 August 2019

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Chilling Guide
Not all wines are chilled the same. This handy guide will help you get it just right. 

Sparkling Wines
2.5 hours in the fridge or 25 minutes in ice water.

White Wines 
2 hours in the fridge or 20 minutes in ice water. 

Rosé Wines
1.5 hours in the fridge or 15 minutes in ice water. 

Red Wines   
Wait. Red wines? Chilled? Yes!
Most people serve red wines warmer than the intended cellar temperature of 18◦C, and lighter reds like Pinot Noir and Gamay can be chilled a bit further.
1 hour in the fridge or 10 minutes in ice water.

Almost Gone..

Each one of this year's  Passport Series  offerings has proven to be an extraordinary wine.  
This is your last chance to score one from this exceptional collection.
Call or  email  me today.
More and more consumers are finding that wines packaged in bags or boxes are more convenient to their lifestyle. Many customers like the simplicity of bagged wine, especially for camping, cottaging, or sharing.  

Did you know that  Wine Kitz Ottawa  offers this option? Boxed and bagged wine are the new wave of wine consumer packaging and the in-store cost of these new formats is  LESS THAN half the price of boxed wine in the LCBO . Also, we are able to offer so many more varietal and wine style options than are available commercially.
Why consider boxed or bagged wine?
- Lighter & more compact for easier storage;
- Recyclable and lesser carbon footprint;
- No need for shrink tops, corks or corkscrew;
- Fresh for up to 6 weeks after opening.
Ask us how we can help you save time and money with these new packaging options or, better yet, come visit us to see for yourself!
Last Call For Our Unique White Blend
This is THE white you will want to have in your cellar this winter.
Our limited release Chardonnay Riesling from Australia has been designed to capture your imagination.
This unique blend of two popular white varietals is chock full of character and flavour. Medium bodied and dry .
Aromas of lemon-lime and peach are followed by tropical fruit, apple, citrus and subtle vanilla on the palate.
A versatile, easygoing wine that can be enjoyed on its own or pairs well with fish tacos and pulled-pork.
Available by preorder for a limited time.
Call or email today!

All kits make 30-750ml bottles of wine. A winery fee of $55.00 per batch applies to all wines made in store. 

What Makes Great Wine...Great?
What makes a great wine… great? By understanding the processes involved with making a great wine, you will be able to identify a great wine based on your own tastes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a collector or a novice to the world of wine, a solid foundation provides the basis of how to find great quality (regardless of price).

With thanks to our friends at Wine Folly , click here to learn the 4 Pillars of Great Wine .

“You can make bad wine with great grapes but you can’t make great wine with bad grapes.” -Robert Mondavi
August Wines Of The Month
10% Off During August

Every month we feature a red and white wine from both our Atmosphere (full-bodied) and  Traditional Vintage (medium-bodied) collections at 10% off the regular kit price.

If you love these wines or have been wanting to try them, don't miss out on these savings!

Click here   for more information on our  Wines Of The Month .
Sale ends on the last day of the sale month. Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer. Offer available while supplies last.
Like many of you, summer truly is my favourite season.

So far this summer I've managed some very lazy days sitting on docks, sitting on beaches and sitting in boats, always with a glass of refreshing wine in hand. August promises more of the same.
Even though the Wine Kitz Ottawa Team has been making the most of this lovely weather, we are still working hard every day to ensure individual care is given to each one of our customers and each one of your wines. Extraordinary customers, extraordinary wines!

Please take a few minutes to savour the sunny days, to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, and to share some great  Wine Kitz Ottawa wines with friends and family.


Linda LeGroulx
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"Wine to me is passion. It's family and friends. It's warmth of heart and generosity of spirit. Wine is art. It's culture. It's the essence of civilization and the art of living."
Robert Mondavi, California Winemaker (1913-2008)