"This month has been crazy so far as we have migrated over from Microsoft Exchange to the Teams environment. This change should have been simple and given Optimum RTS the ability to communicate in a much more streamlined fashion, collaborate on projects, have video conferences without needing GoToMeeting or Zoom, and so many other things. Unfortunately, and as we have heard before, “Nothing is as simple as it seems." Luckily, we have a great IT company, Cloud Choice Technologies, that has helped us through this time and has kept us all sane as we learn a new system. Thanks to Fred and his Team!

This process has made me think through what I am trying to accomplish through technology and how the real success of any company is not found in the programs, policies, or procedures but in the people that work for that company. Additional thought has been directed at how we have conditioned ourselves to become more and more insulated in our own work environment. We have become accustomed to texting instead of calling, emailing instead of writing, video conferencing instead of meeting and so many other little things that go unnoticed but have led to our own isolation. Yes, COVID had a ton to do with some of this, but now that we see a light at the end of that tunnel, will we go back? Will companies decide to let people work remotely using Teams and other communication tools to run their businesses or will they go back to working, talking, brainstorming, or even laughing together in the same room or office? It is that personal connection that makes a company great and allows the free flow of thought to help the betterment of not only the company, but its employees. Humans are social creatures, and we lose some of what makes us special when we lose that face-to-face social aspect of our lives. Personally, I enjoy being able to interact with my Team regularly and in person. I believe it makes me more productive, kinder, and allows the opportunity for me to mentor and lead which feeds my soul. 

This month we have added two wonderful young women to our team, Kazi and Lindsey. Both of these women bring so much to “Team Optimum” and even in the short few weeks they have been here, I can see that they can be two more cornerstones to our growth in 2021 and beyond. I enjoy coming to work each day to find their eagerness to learn and see the satisfaction on their faces when they succeed at an objective or have the ability to help another person. 

Kazi and Lindsey, along with Alicia, Galen and Ed make coming to work each day better and I feel so fortunate to be surrounded, in person, by such wonderful people." John Dalton, Owner Optimum RTS
Team Optimum RTS is growing!

Please join us in welcoming Kazi and Lindsey to our team!!!
Kazi is our new Administrative Assistant; we should say our "Jill of All Trades!" She helps keep us all organized!! Kazi is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University who was born and raised in Bangladesh. She came to Florida with her family in 2011. At FAU, she completed her bachelor’s in health service administration and is currently pursuing her MS in the same field. She has diverse experiences ranging from customer service to working as a tutor. Kazi has a passion for learning new skills and wants to make a difference by creating opportunities to provide medical assistance to all fragments of society. During her leisure time, Kazi enjoys watching movies, painting, and spending time hanging out with her cousins. 
Lindsey is our Recruiting Sourcer; who leaves no stone unturned! Lindsey is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University who was born and raised in South, FL. At FAU, she completed a BA in Communication and an MS in Communication Science and Disorders. She possesses a variety of experiences ranging from customer/client service to education to working as a speech-language pathologist. Lindsey has a passion for communication and a love for helping others! In her free time, she enjoys going on nature walks and spending time with her two cats and bearded dragon.
Optimum RTS continues to stay focused on what's most important...
"Keeping Your Business Growing!"

A Few Candidates We Interviewed Recently!

May is a Chiropractic Assistant.

Sue is a Retired RN seeking a Medical Receptionist position.

Iris is an HR Specialist who is
Knowledgeable with ALL Aspects of HR!

Sandy is a Medical Assistant
With Outstanding Customer Service Skills.

Lizanne is a Medical Assistant and the
"Go To" Phlebotomist in Her Office.

Let us know if you want to
Meet Any of Our Candidates!!!

We look forward to hearing from you!
Optimum RTS