Let's Make It Special!

This Saturday, New Song will join Christians around the world by taking communion in a virtual manner.
To celebrate the uniqueness of this special day, let me offer a few suggestions of steps you might take:
  1. Select your bread and wine ahead of time. Freshly baked would be wonderful!
  2. Select a nice plate, cloth, and cup to display the elements.
  3. You might even share a simple meal together immediately before the service...just as the disciples celebrated the Passover meal.
  4. Set up the elements, light the candle, begin our video "Worship At Home."

For those Comfortable in Leaving the House

Couch Outreach Update
  • What we are doing Currently:
    • Family with autism - assisting them with buying a trampoline
    • Family with girl with cancer - assisting w/ bills
  • What we have done since May:
    • Assisted a family who needed help with rent
    • Assisted a family who moved into stable housing
    • Sent Pizza & Hope:
      • Tent Mission - several times
      • Nursing home
      • Hospital ER
    • Sent cash donation and food:
      • A Red Circle
      • Pot Bangerz
      • Food pantry in CWE 
If you have ideas or suggestions, please pass them along!  We will NOT let this virus stop our service to others! 
  • Women's book group - How To Be An Antiracist by Ibrahm X. Kendi. 
    • Starting Wednesday, October 7
  • GPS -  Guidance / Perspective / Support-
    • Beginning in November, Rex will lead a weekly zoom opportunity for people to share concerns, insights or whatever they wish about our current world situation - personal or global
  • New Song Youth - Beginning in October, Rex and Sally will host monthly zoom meetings with our older youth.