#HandsFreeSC ! ! !
Hands Free bills were introduced in the Senate and House this year, as S.157 and H.3394.

For the past 6 years, legislators heard from a windfall of supporters that our state is ready for enabling safer streets, by removing our ability to handle a phone while our car is in motion among other humans in traffic.

These 2 bills were recently referred to the House Judiciary and Senate Transportation committees.
Contact your state Senator and Representative today (through email or a phone call), and URGE THEM TO SUPPORT THE BILL BY CO-SPONSORING IT.
Supporting Stats

  1. Universal hand-held calling bans were associated with 10% lower non–alcohol-related driver fatalities overall and up to 13% lower fatalities across all age groups and sexes, amongst 190,544 drivers from 2000 - 2014, comparing crashes before and after bans. When comparing state-quarter-years with bans to those without, universal texting bans were not associated with lower fatalities overall or for any demographic group. (Rudisill, 2018).  
  2. In South Carolina, 5 years of crash data (2017 – 2021) showed that on average, Distracted/Inattention, On Cell Phone, or Texting, was involved in 27% of collisions. (SCDPS, 2022, on request from Senate)
  3. Find more stats here, in our latest blogpost.
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