June 17, 2016
Contact Your Legislator Today!
Dismissing the will of New Jersey voters, Governor Christie issued a conditional veto of the Preserve NJ Act last month, legislation critical to historic preservation funding.

Voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure to provide sustainable funding for historic preservation and open space efforts in November 2014, but a plan to implement these funds for historic preservation, open space, and farmland  programs has not been established. The State Legislature has acted twice to approve implementing legislation, but Christie has halted this progress with his conditional veto. His changes allow for the diversion of these important funds away from intended historic preservation programs.

A two-thirds majority is required to successfully override the veto. Please CALL, EMAIL, or WRITE to your legislator today and ask them to support historic preservation efforts and override the Governor's veto!
Contact Preservation New Jersey for more information at: 609-392-6409 or info@preservationnj.org