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*UPDATED 9/21/2018 (in case you missed it).

Greetings, Fellow  Sheepdogs/Officers and Supporters:

With Patriot's Day (9/11) still fresh in our hearts and minds, scroll down to this week's Bible study/devotional -- LET'S ROLL! 

Did you miss my last message/newsletter (powerful intro to this week's and part 2 of the proverbial "Why God?" question)?  Here again then is " When Towers Fall ."  Beyond that, don't forget that I  always  re-post past editions on our website , Twitter and Facebook pages.  Also d on't forget to check out the latest batch of resources, prayer requests and announcements  posted for you below!

Again, let's ROLL ( "Run to the Battle") with a front sight focus on the One (Christ our Captain)! 



In addition to being one of America's top police trainers, fellow police Lt. Jim Glennon (retired) is also a friend and Christian brother.  His new book, written with Lt. Dan Marcou, is out and comes highly recommended:  Street Survival II.  


(1) Be in prayer for Jim Bontrager and his Breaching the Barricade and Police Appreciation Day team (myself included) as the events in Indiana approach (see below). 

(2) Pray for those impacted by the storm along the east coast, including fellow First Responders working in very tough conditions.  

(3)  Lt. Duane Cornett in CA asks that we be in prayer for his son, " US Army PFC Justin Cornett, as he readies for deployment to Kuwait. He leaves for Ft Bliss(TX) on 9/24 and will deploy from there sometime in October. Prayer for his safe travels and protection for him and the entire US Military who are headed oversees or are already there." 

(4)  Pray for our wounded, our sick, those being investigated for just doing their jobs, and for the families (both blue and natural) of our slain. The War on Cops rages on (on multiple fronts, both within and without our own agencies).  

Have a prayer request or announcement you would like included here? Need prayer?   Email me !  I also post prayer requests on my Facebook page ("friend" me).  


(1)  The Sheepdog Seminars is led by my friends Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, Officer/Minister Jimmy Meeks and fellow church safety expert Carl Chinn (among others). Outstanding, highly recommended training for every sheepdog (sworn and unsworn alike)!  The seminar schedule is on their website, including this one coming up here in CO:  Pueblo Sheepdog Seminar.  

(2)  Here's the 411 for the 2018 Breaching the Barricade Law Enforcement Conference and Law Enforcement Officer Appreciation Day events!  Elkart PD Officer and Chaplain Jim Bontrager will once again be hosting and I'll be leading one of the breakout sessions at the conference.  Please consider joining us in Elkhart, IN and Sturgis, MI this October 5th and 6th!  

The Centurion Law Enforcement Ministry

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Our next meeting is now set for Tuesday, October 2nd.  JOIN US!   
Let's Roll!

"Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them,  for it is the Lord your God who goes with you.  He will not leave you or forsake you." (v. 6)

On 9/11, we "celebrated" (a day of remembrance, honor and vigilance) Patriots Day. Part of what we remember are the heroes of Flight 93. Praise God, He has a powerful lesson(s) for us through this tragic event. 

Among the forty passengers and crew (not including the terrorist hijackers) were: 

(1) Tom Burnett from California. Tom was a husband and the father of three little girls. He loved to hunt and had quarterbacked his high school football team. Tom was also a Christian who became a sheepdog!

(2) Jeremy Glick  was a national collegiate judo champion. a husband and the father of a three year old little girl. 

(3) Richard Guadago was a veteran federal law enforcement officer (with all the training that goes with that).

(4) Linda Grohan was a lawyer and a brown belt in karate.

(5) And then there was Todd Beamer -- an athlete, husband and father. He and Lisa were expecting their third child in January of 2002, and Lisa would go on to write a book about Todd and Flight 93. Todd was a Christian, a humble servant-leader, and a sheep who became a servant-warrior sheepdog.

Shortly after takeoff, at 0945, Beamer used a seatback Airfone to call 911. It was no "accident" that he ended up talking to a fellow Christian in Verizon operator Lisa Jefferson, anymore than it was no accident that God placed other sheep-turned-sheepdogs around him.

Todd told Lisa that the flight had been hijacked and he and and some of the other passengers around him were going to rush the cockpit. "We're not going down without a fight!  We think they are headed to the White House!" (it was later revealed that the target was probably the US Capital with the White House being a "backup"). Todd and Lisa prayed together before he uttered what became a  WAR CRY: "LET'S ROLL!"

As Todd and his group rushed the hijackers, others on the plane were making final calls of their own, sending messages to loved ones. One was heard yelling, "They're doing it, they're doing it!"

Ultimately, Todd and his fellow sheepdogs successfully overcame the hijackers and forced the plane to crash in a Pennsylvania field -- leaving a hole fifty feet deep in the ground. In doing so, God used them to save both thousands of lives but also very likely our nation from what could have been a crippling psychological disaster.

Let's roll!  Ladies and gentleman, this was a war cry of commitment, sacrifice and yes, LOVE!  And I believe that God is calling us to have that same kind of commitment, sacrifice and LOVE today -- a Holy Spirit-powered tenacity  -- an ancient war cry that in the Hebrew is summed up in three words that, scripturally speaking, equate to Todd's "Let's Roll:"  Rak Chazak Amats!

Courtesy of noted Bible teacher Eric Ludy, let's break it down:
(1) Rak: The rock-like "oomph" of a spiritually zealous heart (Prov. 23:17)
(2) Chazak: Possessing a resolute and growling resolve for God's glory and purpose (2 Cor. 4:6)
(3) Together these two words go with a third -- Amats: Rushing headlong into the most hazardous and impossible of battles without pausing to fully consider the impossibilities (1 Sam. 17:45-51). 

So what does this literally mean: 
* It's a ll strength and courage for the glory of God in the face of sure death
* It's the tensing  of a warrior's muscles (2 Tim. 2:4)
* It's your knuckles, spiritually speaking, turning white as you find yourself gritting your spiritual teeth with Holy Spirit inspired belligerence against a powerful but ultimately defeated enemy (Rev. 19:11-21).
* It's confidence in victory even before the field is taken (Judges 15:14-16).
* It's lambs-turned-warriors (sheepdogs) moving with liquid ferocity straight into the lion's lair (Joshua 6:1-5, 20-21).
* It's swift-footed, all-believing, super-conquering, prevailing faith in the Lord of battles (2 Thess. 1:3-11).

The main passage for this is paraphrased from Deuteronomy 31:6-8: "Be strong and of good courage" - even if it means our death!  

In short, "LET'S ROLL!"

Christian, make no mistake:  God is calling us today to boldly step out (and out of the crowd) in LOVE, obedience and faith under the power of the Holy Spirit to say, " I'm 'ALL IN' Lord, Let's Roll! "

In 1 Timothy 6:12, God, through Paul (with his own execution looming), exhorts us to " Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses ."

Folks,  Todd Beamer was no hero, but 17 years ago he allowed God to make him one!  Out of LOVE and obedience, he led his co-patriots into battle with a rak chazak amats "Let's Roll" battle cry. Moreover,  Todd's story is in many ways not unlike that of Peter's in John 21:15-17.  Here,  Jesus was having breakfast with His disciples soon after His resurrection. He used this opportunity to encourage and exhort Peter about his upcoming responsibilities and even to prophesy the manner in which Peter will die. By asking Peter, "Do you love me?" three times, Jesus was emphasizing the importance of Peter's agape love and unswerving obedience to his Captain and Lord as necessary for his future ministry (the word means "service"). 

Likewise, God asked Todd on 9/11, and us today, 
* Do you love ME more than your friends in this world?
* Do you love ME more than the pleasures of this world?
* Do you love ME more than your job?
* Do you love me more than your hobbies?
* Do you love me more than fishing? Hunting?
* Do you love me more than football?
* Do you love me more than your bank account?
* Do you love me more than your new car (boat, guns, etc.)?
* Do you love me even more than your family and your own life?


This was the question from Jesus that was probing the heart of Simon Peter and hopefully ours as well:  How much do you really love me? Are you willing -- like Todd -- to die for me?

Other examples?
(1)  Moses leading the children of Israel out of bondage --  LET'S ROLL!
(2)  Gideon's 300 --  LET'S ROLL!
(3)  Joshua and Caleb in the promised land -- LET'S ROLL!
(4)  Caleb before "his" mountain -- LET'S ROLL!
(5)  David before Goliath -- LET'S ROLL!
(6)  Nehemiah before God's enemies and impossible odds -- LET'S ROLL!
(7) Jesus before the cross -- LET'S ROLL! (with an emphatic, "It is finished!" -- John 19:30).  

Jesus' disciples who would ALL go on to torture and martyrdom (save for John -- who history says was boiled in oil but miraculously survived to to write a big chunk of the New Testament) -- LET'S ROLL indeed!

Can I get an Amen?

Now take six minutes to watch Eric Ludy's, The Ancient War Cry!

Finally, you may be reading this today and saying that you're not a Todd Beamer. Understand that Todd is in heaven today not because of his "good deeds" or "heroism," but rather because he had a genuine, life-saving/life-changing personal relationship with the ONLY One who could save him and the only One who could empower him! Folks, the amats that God gave Todd to lead his fellow sheepdogs in an all-or-nothing charge against the terrorists on 9/11  -- "Holy Spirit Power" --  is available ONLY to those who are first born again in Christ (and thus have the indwelling presence and power of the Holy Spirit).  Do you have that (you can)? Are you sure (you can)?  If not, it is again with a "Code 3" sense of urgency  that I implore you to consider the following:

(1)  Do you still cling to the false hope that you can "earn" or otherwise "badge" your way into heaven and escape hell because you are a so-called "good" cop or "good" person? Take  the  Good Person Test  and see how you do.  

(2)  J esus' first recorded words in His earthly ministry were and remain, " Repent and believe in the Good News " ( Mark 1:15 ).  To repent  is a "180" -- a complete, radical change of mind and heart as it relates our sin. To believe  (pisteuo in the original Greek) as Jesus intends it here is to cry out to God for your salvation and wholeheartedly  surrender in faith to Christ  in the same way we have "faith" that our body armor will do its job against the rounds it is intended to stop, that our weapons will function properly in when facing criminals intent on destroying us, or that a jumper's parachute will open when it is supposed to (we stake our very lives on it)!  And the "Good News"? That is simply the Gospel of Christ

(3)  This same concept of " believe " (the saving/changing kind) is further revealed in John 3:1-21  where Jesus says, "... you must be born again. " Note our Lord's emphasis on the word " must " (not "may" or "should"): this is ultimately the life-saving/life-changing  personal relationship (and NOT "religion") with Jesus Christ that I stress here every week (see What does it mean to be a born again Christian ?) through which we are in fact made "righteous" before a just and Holy God. 

(4)  Then, with this in place, open your heart to:  How can I be saved? 

(5) More?  Take a few minutes to watch  Cops and Salvation.

(6)  Have you said "yes" to Jesus as your Lord and Savior but are wondering what to do next? Then click on,  Now what?   Understand that the "Now what?" MUST include regular "iron sharpens iron" fellowship with other believers -- including (for us cops) other mature Christians and Christian officers who can help support you, encourage you, disciple (help you grow) you in the faith while holding you lovingly accountable.  Message me for help in doing that!  

Questions?  I'm here to serve -- contact me   

With that, my prayer is that you will allow Todd Beamer and his example to inspire you to boldly step out in faith behind Christ our Captain to be used for His glory and purpose to impact the lives of others!  

* Special thanks to Eric Ludy for my use of part of his message. 

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