Our goal is to make you leave this event with an expanded view of problem solving in the workplace and society. We hope you can join us, and enjoy the discussion and food that will be provided!

Register to attend this event in Corner Brook in-person or via Live-Stream at Navigate Small Business Facebook Page

This talk features two visiting researchers who have traveled from Aarhus University's Department of Management in Denmark, and the Director of the Newfoundland and Labrador Workforce Innovation Centre, CNA. The agenda is as follows:

4:00pm -  Welcome, Introductions and food.

4:10pm - Carsten Bergenholtz, PhD : Carsten will talk about how a collective of humans can solve really complex problems maybe even better than AI, and how this is due to humans' ability to adapt to new information in a more creative way.

4:50pm - Kenneth Nygaard : Firms should look for employees who are intrapreneurial, meaning entrepreneurial within a working organization. Kenneth will discuss how employees solve problems through entrepreneurial ways, especially in the startup world.

5:35pm - 6:00pm - Sharon McLennon : As Director, Sharon will discuss how the Newfoundland & Labrador Workforce Innovation Center, CNA helps solve problems related to Newfoundland's changing workforce. This talk will feature a showcase of ongoing research projects in Newfoundland & Labrador.

7:00pm  - Feel free to join us for more discussion at Bootleg Brewery (no registration required)!