Let's stay CONNECTED - a note from MAFP's President
MAFP President, Dr. Silwana Sidorczuk
MAFP President, Silwana Sidorczuk MD
Silwana Sidorcuk MD, FAAFP
MAFP President
Dear ,

I'm just writing to follow up on how you are doing during these difficult and challenging times. I think the times we are forced to live in will most definitely shape us and make us realize that human solidarity and simple acts of kindness are of utmost importance.

This global pandemic affects everyone. No one is safe. Closer to home, New York is in the midst of health crisis. The hardships and loss of lives are real and are close. Here in our own state of Maine, we are also seeing cases on the rise. We need to unite and be strong as the times ahead will be the most difficult that we have lived through. We have to be there for our patients, communities, families and ourselves. Check out the list below of some of the ways you can stay connected with your peers here in Maine and all across the country - including MAFP's NEW Maine AFP Member Only Discussion Forum .

On the sunny side, I want to share you with an anecdote that I recently came across. In Spain, due to the Coronavirus epidemic regulations allow for people to go out only if they have a pet. The humor is that the Spanish dogs will be the most exercised dogs in the world!
Stay healthy,
Silwana Sidorczuk MD, FAAFP, MAFP President
Announcing A NEW Forum for MAFP Members:
Connect with your Maine AFP colleagues - the MAFP is providing a Facebook Member's Only Discussion Forum to its members for the exchange of ideas & discussion of current topics of interest to our Family Physician members here in Maine. You need to have your own Facebook account & membership status is confirmed prior to you being admitted to this closed Facebook discussion group.
Enter your signup information at: Maine AFP Member Only Discussion Forum
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