Let's stay CONNECTED!
MAFP President, Dr. Silwana Sidorczuk
MAFP President, Silwana Sidorczuk MD
Silwana Sidorcuk MD, FAAFP
MAFP President
Dear ,

I'm just writing to follow up on how you are doing during these difficult and challenging times. I think the times we are forced to live in will most definitely shape us and make us realize that human solidarity and simple acts of kindness are of utmost importance.

I wanted to keep you up to date on some of the ways that we can all keep connected. Below is an updated list with links for several opportunities both nationally through the AAFP, and here in Maine with the MAFP's NEW Maine AFP Member Only Discussion Forum which we just launched about 10 days ago. If you requested membership but haven't yet been admitted to the Group, it could due to several factors - did you enter your full First & Last Name? Did you provide your AAFP Membership #? Did you agree to the Group Guidelines?

Please go to the link again and sign up if you are a current MAFP Member - be sure to provide your AAFP ID# and agree to the Group Guidelines so we can approve your participation.

There are also opportunities to participate in the Me CDC's weekly Provider Zoom meeting as well as a NEW opportunity hosted by the MMA to share with other physicians around the state.

Stay healthy and let's all stay connected,
Silwana Sidorczuk MD, FAAFP, MAFP President
Sign up for MAFP's new
Member Forum
If you haven't already sign up to Connect with your Maine AFP colleagues - the MAFP is providing a Facebook Member's Only Discussion Forum to its members for the exchange of ideas & discussion of current topics of interest to our Family Physician members here in Maine. You need to have your own Facebook account & membership status is confirmed prior to you being admitted to this closed Facebook discussion group.
Enter your signup information at: Maine AFP Member Only Discussion Forum

You will be asked to complete 2 questions (first & last names, and AAFP ID#) and agree to abide by the posted guidelines. Your request for membership will be approved after verification of your AAFP/MAFP membership.

**Please note that if you've already partially completed this process but haven't been approved, please complete the process HERE and complete the 2 questions and agree to guidelines. Thank you!
Join your colleagues from around the world!
Sadly many WONCA conferences have had to be postponed or cancelled. However in an effort to unite the WONCA communities across the globe we have organised a series WONCA webinars on a variety of topics, to be held each Sunday at 1300 GMT. Sessions have been arranged so far for: 
  • Sunday 19th - mental health aspects
  • Sunday 26th - education and training; and
  • Sunday 3rd May - family violence
See the hyperlink in the title above or the banner at the foot of the page for how to register for these webinars. The webinar of Sunday 12 th , with reports from all WONCA region presidents, is now available on YouTube for those who were unable to attend: https://youtu.be/5FvL0k9abC4
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FREE - S hort-term on-line Balint groups:
Given the restrictions and heightened emotions from the COVID- 19 pandemic the American Balint Society is offering free short-term on-line Balint groups.

Groups will meet every other week for 4 sessions, and will be structured to have a check-in at the beginning, classic Balint, and a check-in at the end. In that way the group can facilitate connection, support, and use the Balint method.

When: (keep checking website - groups being added constantly)

Please continue to check the ABS homepage for more groups as they become available   https://www.americanbalintsociety.org/