August 2017

Let's Take a Seat and Discuss
A Unique Way to Market

Good things happen when people sit down and share ideas. Sales reps uncover customer needs, lifelong relationships are built, customer loyalty develops.

Why not take that concept and add a little brand marketing to the mix?

First - let's talk more about how conversations can help increase your company sales.

The Rain Sales Training group offers 7 Keys to Leading Highly Effective Sales Conversation. Here is the first one:

 "Build rapport: Before you ask questions to get the buyer to open up or talk about how you can help, you have to build rapport. All else being equal, people buy from people they like. Be likable and focus on relationship building, and you'll find your sales conversations will go much more smoothly."

Now imagine an event where you create comfortable conversation areas using classic leather side chairs like the ones pictured above. You create a mood that invites profitable conversation.

Perhaps your company event is outdoors. Combine your custom outdoor signs with an elegant outdoor setting like the one pictured here for Butterfly.  This indoor/outdoor event setting is perfect for networking. Combine another tip from the Rain Sales Training Group of painting of picture of success:

"Paint a picture of the new reality. Once you know the prospect's needs and goals and the tangible impact of alleviating these pains or attaining their goals, you must paint a picture of what their new world will look like. How will it be better? In your sales conversations, help them visualize the other side and build excitement around it."

The third seating solution combines three distinctly different conversation areas into one great exhibit. Pictured below, you see how the sleek white color scheme combines comfortable couch seating with private conversational high-tops and a bar area perfect for sales presentations to small groups. 

Prospects are invited to select the conversational style most comfortable for them while sharing their company wants and needs. 

This environment ensures that you'll be solidifying long lasting customer relationships:

"Build on the foundation of trust. Trust is the foundation of sales success. A buyer will not open up and share their needs if they don't trust you. A buyer will not believe in your solution and that you can do what you say you can do if they don't trust you. A buyer will never see the full value of what you propose if they don't trust you. You will not win the sale if they don't trust you."

No matter where you sit - taking the time to have a conversation with your prospects and customers will go a long way toward building customer loyalty. 

Interested in some of the more unique ways that custom graphics can help your company? Give us a call.

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