Sharing Our Thoughts on Fire Mountain Scout Camp

Fire Mountain Scout Camp is happening!

Many parents and Scouts have asked about attending Fire Mountain Scout Camp this year. While many camps in our area, and around the country, have had to stop operations Fire Mountain Scout Camp is scheduled to hold four sessions of Scouts BSA Camp.
Fire Mountain Scout Camp has been a premier destination for Scouting activities since 1972 and our facilities and experiences have only gotten better. During the time of COVID-19 our Council began looking at ways to operate camp that would provide an exciting and memorable experience while focusing on the health and safety of our staff, leaders, and Scouts.

Will camp look different this year?

Yes - and that's okay. We have a dedicated group of people looking at all areas of camp including program and health and safety. We are in regular and frequent contact with the Skagit County Public Health Department. Our Council team includes respected Doctors and Nurses who are providing us with the most up-to-date and comprehensive safety and health protocols to implement in camp. Our program team is developing innovate programming that will excite and challenge our Scouts.

What can you expect at camp?

A fantastic program that will challenge the Scout and their unit. Our Scouts are ready to get outside and put the "out" in ScOUTing! At camp they'll have the opportunity to do canoeing, shooting sports, paddleboarding, mountain biking, hiking, fire safety, swimming, rockets, fishing - and new this year - Super Pioneering. All while having fun with the Scouts they know best - the Scouts in their Troop.

Why is Fire Mountain open when other camps have closed?

The COVID-19 situation is complex and ever changing. A key factor in being able to hold camp is that Skagit County be in Phase 3 by the opening day of camp. As of this time, they are on schedule to be in Phase 3 on or before the opening day of camp. Other Councils face challenges with camps in multiple counties, some of which are not moving into new phases as quickly as others. Our staff also began addressing early on what camp should look like given the concerns and restrictions that needed to be addressed to keep those in camp safe, active, and having fun. These factors are driving our ability to plan an unparalleled camp experience during this time.
Health and Safety
A question we hear continually is "Will camp be safe and should I send my Scout?"

Sending a Scout to camp is always a personal decision made by the family and Scout. Most Scouts excel at Scout Camp and look forward to it every year.

Regarding safety, Fire Mountain Scout Camp is committed to providing a safe environment for everyone in camp. We are implementing new health and safety protocols to keep our Scouting family safe. Working with the Skagit County Public Health Department, and using Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and American Camp Association (ACA) guidelines, we are looking at all aspects of camp. Every protocol and interaction is being addressed: coming to camp, pre-camp health checks, interactions in camp, hygiene, in-camp health, and many more check points are being reviewed.
Guiding Principles for Holding
Scouts BSA Camp

Is it safe?
Safety is our top concern and is guiding every decision being made in regards to Scouts BSA camp at Fire Mountain. If we cannot provide a program in a safe manner, we will not offer it.

Is it legal?
Camp will only proceed if we are able to follow all recommendations and receive permission from the county to move ahead.

Can we provide program?
The purpose of Scout Camp is to support the year-round operation of the Troop, and to serve the mission of the Boy Scouts of America. While camp may be different than it has been, it can still be exactly what our Scouts need.
Stay Informed
As we move through this process we are committed to providing our adults and Scouts with timely information about Scouts BSA camp, including expectations and addressing questions.

Bookmark our Mount Baker Council Summer 2020 page for the latest information.
We know that sending your Scout to camp is a big decision. We can't wait to see your Scouts this summer.
We are bound by State and County restrictions which makes our plans very fluid. As of this communication, Scouts BSA Summer Camp is scheduled to begin on July 19th. Look for more communications discussing program and health and safety at camp. Should our plans change we will communicate that information as soon as possible.