Thank you for joining us at the SC Food Access Summit last month! We were encouraged by all of the energy and ideas you brought to the regional breakout sessions. We don't want to lose this momentum, so the Food Access Task Force is hosting follow-up calls for your regional breakout groups. 

These calls are an opportunity to reconnect with the people you met and discuss the next steps for turning your ideas into action. You're welcome to join as many calls as you'd like, and we encourage you to participate even if you weren't able to attend the summit. Just follow the links below to RSVP to the calls you would like to join.

Tuesday, November 28th at 10am

Friday, December 1st at 9am

We're looking forward to talking with you!

In partnership,
Anna Hamilton Lewin
Chief Operating Officer
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that facilitated more  than $246.3 million in community development projects; we 
financed 1,410 housing units, 9 healthy food outlets, 10 community facilities, and 16 
community businesses, creating or retaining 2,896 jobs and providing a safe, 
affordable place to call home for 3,525 individuals and families.