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The STEM Center for Strength will PAUSE student, parent, and alumni support groups* for two weeks beginning July 13, 2020.

Groups will resume the week of July 27th.

This will allow our staff to rest and prepare for the 2020-2021 academic year.
All one-on-one clinical sessions, staff support group, and other programming will continue as scheduled.
RESCHEDULED to September
5 week workshop - Healthy Relationships Through Self Love

Healthy Teen Relationships is a community-focused and interactive workshop for teens (ages 13-17) looking to create positive, rewarding relationships free of toxicity by fostering self worth. 

It is recommended (not required) for participants to attend all sessions* for maximum comprehensive learning and impact.

*every Tuesday
Week 1:
What is self-worth? What are healthy boundaries (or what are boundaries, for that matter)? What are my core beliefs, and how do they affect my sense of self and my relationships?
Week 2:
What does self-worth look like within a relationship? How is energy held and shared?
Week 3:
How have self- worth, comparison, and family modeling affected my views?
Week 4:
What are ANTS, and why do they make my relationship life overwhelming and difficult?
Week 5:
Ad-Lib. Healthy Boundaries. Integrative points of self-worth. Wrap up.

Wednesdays are for Virtual
Coffee and Connection

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Reasons to connect with our professional clinicians to provide free talk therapy sessions:
  1. It's a time and space that is all about YOU.
  2. See the world in a new perspective with professional support.
  3. Gain tools that stay with you for the long haul.
  4. Side effect: Understanding and ability to deal with others actions and/or opinions.
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