December 2020
There is a HUGE blooper in this video!!
I left it there to give you a chuckle!! :)
I AM WOOPing!!
Did you know that having discipline is a myth?
That's why most New Year's Resolutions don't work.
People who successfully complete their goals aren't full of discipline, they simply are better at overcoming the obstacles that challenge their success.

WOOP is a system that helps you define the obstacles that will stop your motivation. Try WOOP - I bet you'll hit every New Year's resolution you create for 2021!!
I Like Hitting My Goals!!

Week #6 in The Science of Well Being Course I took last summer was all about WOOP. The lesson was to help us achieve a more pleasing life by applying this easy, non-pressure way of approaching and achieving what we wish to have in our life.

The WOOP process consists of 4 steps that I find to be super simple and take only a few minutes to complete.....
  1. Wish - Think about what you want. Imagine how you will feel when it happens.
  2. Outcome - Ask yourself, "when I fulfill this wish what will the best outcome be?" Define the Outcome in 3 to 6 words. Take a moment and imagine that Outcome fully. How will your life change for the better when your Wish happens?
  3. Obstacle - What might get in the way of accomplishing my wish? Is it something within me such as fear? Is it something that might hold me back such as knowledge? Is it a lack of time or interruptions to my schedule? Take a minute and imagine your Obstacles.
  4. Plan - Make your "If/Then" plan......When the Obstacle happens, what will you do to overcome the Obstacle?

WOOP is from the book Rethinking Positive Thinking by Gabriele Oettingen.
There is over 20 years of research behind this idea.
Dr. Oettingen stresses the order of the "O's" is critical!!
She says that research has shown
the visualization of the Outcome
has to come before defining the Obstacles!

To watch Dr. Oettingen's simple explanation of WOOP click here


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