April 2020 Newsletter
  The Art of War for Advocates & Allied Professionals:

-being an advocate or allied professional is inherently often a battlefield because the goals are often difficult to achieve. Working with people who have had experienced the harm caused by offenders is difficult work on a heart level, but is compounded because in many ways, the Criminal Justice System is generally not a healing environment. This training will further expound on the teaching of Sun Tzu to assist advocates in developing and expanding thoughtful strategy to be employed in helping victims transcend trauma.

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➣OnDemand: where participants will receive hands-on education that includes lecture, readings, video and graded qualitative assignments.

So far this year:
☞we are currently training
60 advocates with our
45 hour course
☞have delivered 35 trainings
(23 in person and 12 online)
☞reached through training
nearly 25,000 people