Dear Friend,

You are probably aware that hate activity in Orange County has significantly increased over the last four years.

More recently, after a spate of hate activity, including white nationalist leafletting, and attacks targeting Asian Americans, the OC Human Relations Council has asked local organizations and leaders to sign a statement of solidarity. So far, the statement has over 180 signatories.

We decided to circulate this statement because we are seeing fear used to pit people of different backgrounds against one another. At OC Human Relations, we believe that all of us need to step into the fight against racism and white supremacy because we are all negatively impacted by it, as is our society. We further reject the notion that we can create an equitable future by finger-pointing and blaming. Instead, it is time to engage in the long struggle to right the wrongs of the past with new ideas and innovations that do not repeat the injustices that brought us here.

So now, I want to invite you to participate in fighting racism alongside us. If you are an organization or leader that would like to join the cause - please click here. When we stand together, we can make a powerful difference.

With gratitude,

Alison Edwards
CEO, OC Human Relations
PS. We call upon the Orange County community to be allies and commit to the journey now and ahead. Join us for the next dialogue on race relations on April 27 5-7pm. RSVP here.