Dear ACC,

Spring is about to arrive, which means work is beginning in the ACC Creation Care Garden. The soil is already being prepared for early season plantings.

The garden belongs to the whole church and volunteers are encouraged to be part of this ministry. No gardening experience or expertise is needed, as there are seasoned gardeners willing to provide instructions and support.

Each season brings different opportunities. So, this spring we’re looking for people to get indoor plants started for transfer to the garden, help maintain compost bins, prepare the soil, add mulch and cardboard to the garden, and – of course – plant.

Later in the year, we’ll need help with weeding and watering the garden. And, then, bringing in the harvest and helping with distribution to local food pantries.

Being part of this effort brings lots of benefits. From a good source of exercise to working alongside new and old church friends, this is a chance to get outdoors and be with others. Above all, you’ll be helping feed our friends at ACC, the Linwood food pantry, Jesus Fellowship, and other organizations that benefit from the fruits of our labors.

If you’re interested in participating on the garden team this year, please send an email to Kendal Nagy ([email protected]), Janette Smith ([email protected]), or Jean Tatum ([email protected]) and they’ll get you plugged in.