Please be praying for the new homeschooling families!
It is interesting to note that there have been several new inquiries into ACA, Sonoma County from families who have always dreamed of homeschooling and think now is the time. In a recent article in the Washington Post, many parents who have never considered homeschooling are looking at the options that their public schools are offering for the fall and deciding that now may be the time to act on those dreams and educate at home!

Anybody who has been homeschooling for any length of time knows that God can call you to homeschooling at any time. This past year we had a high school graduate that told her mom she wanted to homeschool as a first grader! Her mother, who had NEVER even dreamed that she would or could homeschool found herself saying, Yes! (How could she say no to her first grader?) And all these years later, both mom and daughter are so grateful that God called them to homeschool for the long haul.

Perhaps the pandemic of coronavirus will be the catalyst for short term homeschooling...
"But Joseph Murphy, a professor of education at Vanderbilt University, believes that the uptick in home schooling will be long term...He says that parents, increasingly, believe that they, not the school system, know what is best for their child. And in thinking about those best interests, some parents will decide that the best place for their children is home."

Imagine that. God may be drawing new homeschoolers to the homeschooling world and thus our extension campus. Please be in prayer for these families as they step out in faith to do something that many imagine to be very intimidating. Think about how much of an encouragement you may be to brand new families. Ask the Lord to bring those you can encourage as they ponder the blessing of homeschooling!

20-21 Academic Year starts
August 24, 2020!
We are excited to be thinking about next school year. Registrations are open for new families, so please let others know about our program. We'd love to serve even more elementary students and their families this year.

Thank YOU, Gardeners!
This past Saturday morning, we had some very eager Eagles in our campus garden, pulling weeds and keeping a few adults very entertained! Thank you, Alexandra and Kisded girls for organizing our garden weed pull! We will be having another weed pull date on Thursday, July 16th in the evening. In an effort to encourage our older Eagles, we are asking the teens to make the effort to come and pull weeds. There will be fun music, hearty popsicles, and dirt! :-)
Encouragement for All!
Veteran Homeschooler?
Brand New to Homeschooling?
We want to stand with you and support this new adventure.
Here are some great online links for your encouragement and preparation.

We would love to have a couple sessions for new homeschooling families in the coming weeks...stay tuned for dates/times.
JULY 26th! Outdoor Graduation Celebration & Yearbook Signing Party!
You are invited to our Outdoor Graduation Celebration on Sunday, July 26th at 7-8:30pm! We will be celebrating outdoors in Sebastopol at 1782 Pleasant Hill Road (corner of Watertrough and Pleasant Hill Road). There is plenty of fenced outdoor space and a play structure for children. Graduates are welcome to bring senior boards to display special parts of their schooling years but it is not required. This is a special time to recognize our seniors and to enjoy seeing one another. Please bring a face covering but we should be able to keep properly distanced quite easily.
Please RSVP Here by July 20th at 10PM.
Yearbooks will be distributed and we will have colorful sharpies for signing.
2019-20 Yearbooks are Here! $20 Each!
Yearbooks are HERE! If you would like one, please fill out this form. You can pay $20 cash or check at the Outdoor Celebration on July 26th.

There will be colorful sharpies for students to sign each others' yearbooks.

Sound of Music - Take 2!
We are planning on Sound of Music for the 20-21 School Year! Since many important parts of SOM have been made, planned, purchased, etc, we have decided to try again this coming year!

Since not all of our original cast will be available, we will be re-casting some very important roles. Please email Mrs. See to let her know if your child is interested. 4th grade students and up are eligible to audition.

The hills are STILL alive! :-)