I went to another Tuesday night movie yesterday. And though I didn't overly enjoy it (I'm kind of hard to please when it comes to movies), I did something last night that I haven't done in a long while... I stayed awake!!!
   Now, before the emails, texts and phone calls start flooding in on this huge accomplishment of mine, please allow me to tell the story as it should be told. You see, if I do say so myself, I'm a bit of a legendary all-star in my old stompin' grounds in Stony Plain...

   Roll back to the summer of 98! Back when Green Day's Time of Your Life was playing at every single high school graduation across North America, and kids were bustin' a move to Vengaboys' dumb, smash hit We Like to Party. The music scene was on fire, but things weren't just heating up on the dance floor this summer...
   That the year began with the second mildest winter on record was remarkable in its own right.  But what followed was truly phenomenal - the warmest spring, summer and fall on record. There has never been a warmer year in the half century that Environment Canada has kept nation-wide weather records.  Statistically, we should expect a year like 1998 about every 2,500 years. (Environment Canada)

   The cosmos had aligned for something great to happen this summer, and myself and a few friends were really tearing up the outdoor swimming pool in Stony this year. You name it! From the front crawls to the back crawls, and from the butterfly strokes to the breaststrokes, we were doing it all - and we were doing them well.
   Our names were John Koeckhoven, Marc Affeld, Brandon Scheuerman, and yours truly, Jared Seitz.
 Individually, we were pretty good. Combined, we were practically unstoppable!  ...And we didn't know it at the time, but we were about to be etched in record books all across the province for many years to come, commemorating the summer that we dominated the 10 & under relay scene in Alberta.
   Johnny, the friendly Dutch farm-boy that everyone loved, was ranked number one in the province for backstroke. Marc, the small gymnast-athlete extraordinaire, was number one in butterfly. Brandon, the mother's darling of the group, was ranked in the top three for front crawl. And as for me, I can shamelessly say that I was by far the best breaststroker of the group, and was also ranked number one in the province... If there was ever going to be a time for a few boys from Stony Plain, Alberta to come together and take a piece of history with them, it was the summer of 98!

   Long story short. We did it! Smashing the 1991 record for the medley relay by forty-seven one hundredths of a second, and whopping the 1993 record for the freestyle relay by almost eight tenths of a second! I still remember running up to my parents, shouting like an excited girl who just made it through a singing audition, "We did it!!! We broke the record!!"   It was a magical day, in which I also recall singing We Are the Champions, arms-over-shoulders with the rest of the team.

   ... Now, before I stop bragging about this eighteen-year-old feat, let's roll back on up to a more recent time. Michelle and I registered our girls for the Stony Plain Sharks swim team for the first time this year, and yesterday we attended a time trials event, followed by a little wiener roast. I'm not one to enjoy too much public praise (that's a lie), nor am I one to ensure that I always receive public praise (another lie, I'm writing my own praises in this newsletter), but I was bashfully surprised when one of the female coaches came up to me after I finished my hot-dog, and in front of my friends and family, asked, "Are you Jared Seitz...? Like, Jared Seitz from back in the day...?"
   "Yes," I replied, "I am Jared Seitz from back in the day."
   Glancing up coolly at my wife, and our friends Alex and Rebecca, I paused briefly to collect their smirks and equally star-struck expressions. "Yeah, I had actually just heard that recently. 1998 was a pretty wonderful summer!"

   After the coach praised my daughters for coming from such a legendary bloodline of swimming excellence, Alex and I left our wives in charge of bedtime (with their permission of course), and headed back into Spruce Grove to pick-up our other friend Jesse on our way to the theater. Jesse will attest to this - the entire night, Alex could not stop talking about how amazing it was, that I was amazing at something back in 1998, and that people still thought it was amazing. Simply put, he was rather amazed.

   Perhaps it was because he had a free movie ticket, or maybe he wasn't actually as amazed as I was, but Alex was falling asleep in the theater for the last half of the show. And through my peripheral, I was watching him almost as much as I watching the movie. For me, rising to the challenge of staying awake at a late night movie was almost like being back in 98 all over again. And every elbow nudge and slap to the arm that I gave Alex to wake him up was like another flip-turn on the last lap of a gold medal race. Fending off sleep was our goal, and I was determined to get everyone to the finish line.
   This morning, our other friend Jon, who was unable to make it to the movie (because he's been rather sleepy lately) sent us a group message: "Did you actually not fall asleep, Jared!?"  To which Alex replied, "I was trying to sleep, but it wasn't happening. The rejuvenated, record holding former swimmer wasn't letting me fall into that trap."

   Yes, 1998 was a great year. But despite my acquired small-town stardom from being an eighteen-year-long record holder, I know that records are only borrowed. Nevertheless, when you have them, you need to remind everyone how great you once were, or what's the point of having them...? One day, four other young punks are going to band together and topple our records. It's a matter of time. But this is still our time. And I may be turning twenty-nine tomorrow, but a part of me will still always be that eleven-year-old boy (I made the cut-off for 10 & Under by a couple of days), dominating swimming pools in the summer of 98.

How about you!?
I'd love to hear about the best crops you've ever had!
Those things excite me! Send me an email or give me a call, and tell me all about how you beat your neighbour Frank by forty bushels to the acre back in the bumper crop days of 2013, how you were able to do it, and whether or not you became a legend in your community, or at least with your friends and family.  "Farming is forever," we like to say, but your achievements will only last as long as you and the people in your life share your stories.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Because Farming is Forever,
Jared Seitz

Barley : With much of Alberta receiving rain over the past week and a half, the barley market has taken a large step back. The much needed rain is not the only thing to blame for weaker prices. Many buyers are now covered well into July, and with an early harvest anticipated throughout much of the prairies, there's currently little concern for August.  There are still some opportunities available, so don't delay! Call us with your barley offers and we will shop around to ensure you get a fair price.

Wheat : Feed wheat demand is a little bit lower this week, but opposed to barley, there are still a few buyers that are still on the hunt, so the price has remained steady, with quick movement still available. There's not much for carry into the summer, but we're currently seeing maybe a nickel per bushel increase in price for carry into July-August.  FOB farm bids through central and southern Alberta have reached $6/bu and up to $6.15/bu.  

Oats : Prices came off in the early spring and have remained flat.  Although homes are still scarce for milling and feed oats, we do have good opportunities for oats that are weighing 40 lbs or better, with most buyers needing August for delivery.

Canola Canola prices have pulled back with prices ranging $11.50-$11.70/bu delivered through the next three months and are much the same for new crop.  Crushers are currently experiencing lower margins and will be shutting down for yearly maintenance before crop year-end.

Peas: Yellow pea bids are still over $13/bu delivered for June and new crop bids are ranging between $10.12-$10.35/bu delivered, with the possibility of slipping lower with the amount seeded this year if favorable weather conditions hold. Less green peas in the ground could mean premiums above yellows for fall, so if you're giving greens another chance, perhaps this is their year to shine again. W are currently seeing new crop green pea bids on par with old crop at $9/bu delivered for 2CW.  Higher bleached bids June-July ranging from $8.25-$8.50/bu delivered.

Send us your samples!
Mail to: 3-5400 50 Street, Stony Plain, AB  T7Z 1B7
The Buyer Brief -   Joseph Billett

Talking to many buyers, one thing is clear: demand will be a concern this summer for both Barley and Wheat.  Feedlots are overbought for June, cattle are still being shipped out and pastures are greening up, which in turn means cattle won't be sent to be finished as quickly into the feedlots.  Wheat buyers are in a similar position having all of June covered and some Mills are bought even further out and seem to have an attitude of sitting back and seeing what July brings.  Lethbridge feeders anticipate New Crop to be coming off near the end of July - beginning of August.  Which gives buyers 6 weeks to cover possibly only 2 weeks of July.  We are talking to buyers daily who have some holes to fill but are pretty firm on their bid because there is so much available.

Feed Barley - June-July-August $3.60-3.70/bu
Sept - Oct $3.55-3.60/bu

Feed Wheat - June-July $5.60-5.65/bu
(Call or email for #1 HRS pricing)
2CW Oats/Pony - June-July-August $2.75/bu
3CW Oats/Good quality Feed - June-July $2.55-2.60/bu
Feed Oats (Lower quality) - June-July $2.00-2.10/bu
#2 Green Peas - June-July $8.75/bu (3%), High Bleached $7.90/bu (10%), $7.65/bu (20%)
September-October $9.00 with AOG (3%)
#2 Yellow Peas - June-July $12.40/bu
NEW CROP Sept-Dec $9.50-9.70/bu  
Feed Peas- June-July $6.18/bu

Feed Barley - June-July -August $3.70/bu September-October $3.50/bu
Feed Wheat - June-July $5.70
(Call or email for #1 HRS)
2CW Oats/Pony - June-August $2.50-2.60/bu
3CW Oats - July-August $2.50/bu*limited space
Feed Oats - June or July $2.00-2.10/bu
#2 Green Peas - June-July  $8.60/bu (3%),High Bleached $8.10/ bu (10%), $7.85/ bu (20%) NEW CROP September $8.60/bu with AOG (3%)
#2 Yellow Peas - June-July $12.50/bu
Sept-Dec $9.55-9.75/bu
Feed Peas- June-July $6.30-6.40/bu
Feed Fabas- June-July $6.25-6.40/bu

Feed Barley - June-July $3.85-3.90/bu
Feed Wheat - June-July $5.95/bu
(Call or email for #1 HRS pricing)
2CW Oats/Pony - June-July $2.65-2.75/bu
3CW Oats - June-July-August $2.60/bu
Feed Oats - June-July $2.30/bu
#2 Green Peas - June-July $8.60-8.70/bu (3%),High Bleached $8.10/bu (10%), $7.85/bu (20%).  NEW CROP Sept-Oct $8.70/bu with AOG (3%)
#2 Yellow Peas - June-July $12.70-12.80/bu
Sept-Dec $9.75-9.95/bu
Feed Peas - June-July $6.43/bu
Feed Fabas - June-July $6.25-6.40/bu

Feed Barley - June-July $3.85-3.90/bu
Feed Wheat - June-July $5.95/bu
#1 & #2 HRS Wheat with good protein? Please call!
2CW Oats/Pony - June-July $2.65-2.75/bu
3CW Oats - June-July-August  $2.60/bu
Feed Oats - June-July $2.30/bu
#2 Green Peas - June-July $8.60/bu (3%),High Bleached $8.10/bu (10%), $7.85/bu (20%) NEW CROP Sept-Oct $8.75/bu with AOG (3%)
#2 Yellow Peas - June-July $12.70/bu
Sept-Dec  $9.75-9.95/bu
Feed Peas - June-July $6.43/bu
Feed Fabas - June-July $6.25-6.40/bu

Feed Barley - June-July $3.70-3.80/bu Aug - Nov $3.70-3.75
Feed Wheat - June-July $5.70-5.80/bu
#1 & #2 HRS Wheat with good protein? Please call!
2CW Oats/Pony - June-August  $2.55-2.60/bu
3CW & Feed Oats - June-August $2.35-2.45/bu
#2 Green Peas - June $8.50-8.55/bu
NEW CROP Sept-Oct $8.50-8.55/bu
#2 Yellow Peas - June  $12.65-12.70/bu
Sept-Oct $9.75-9.80/bu

Feed Barley - June-July-August $4.00-4.05/bu
Feed Wheat - June-July $6.00-6.06/bu
Call or email for #1/2 HRS.  
2CW Oats/Pony - June-August  $2.70-2.75/bu
3CW Oats - June-August $2.65/bu
Feed Oats - May or June $2.40/bu  
#2 Green Peas - June-July $8.75/bu  (3%),High Bleached $8.00-8.10/bu (10%), $7.757.85/bu (20%) NEW CROP September $8.75/bu with AOG (3%)
#2 Yellow Peas - June-July $12.50-12.60/bu
Sept-Dec $9.65-9.85/bu
Feed Peas - June-July $6.43/bu
Feed Fabas - June-July $6.35-6.45/bu

Feed Barley - June-July $3.85-3.90/bu
Aug-Nov $3.90-3.95/bu  
Feed Wheat - June-July $5.90-6.00/bu
2CW Oats - June-August $2.60-2.65/bu
Feed Oats - June-August $2.40-2.50/bu
#2 Green Peas - June-July $8.70/bu
NEW CROP Sept-Dec $8.70/bu
#2 Yellow Peas - June $12.60-12.65/bu
Sept-Oct $9.65-9.70/bu

Feed Barley - June-July $4.00-4.05/bu
Aug-Nov $4.00-4.05/bu
Feed Wheat - June-July $6.00-6.05/bu  
2CW Oats - July-August $2.75-2.80/bu
Feed Oats - July-August $2.65-2.75/bu
#2 Green Peas - June-July $8.65-8.70/bu
Aug-Oct $8.65-8.70/bu
#2 Yellow Peas - June $12.55-12.60/bu
Sept-Nov $9.60-9.65/bu
Feed Peas - July $6.40/bu

Feed Barley - June-July $4.00-4.05/bu
Aug-Nov $4.00-4.05/bu
Feed Wheat - June-July $5.95-6.00/bu
2CW Oats - June-Aug $2.75-2.85/bu
Feed Oats - June $2.60-2.65/bu
#2 Green Peas - June $8.50-8.60/bu
Sept-Oct $8.50-8.60/bu  
#2 Yellow Peas - June $12.55-12.60/bu
Sept-Oct $9.65-9.70/bu  

Feed Barley - June-July $4.35-4.40/bu Dlvd
or $4.18-4.23/bu FOB
Aug-Nov $4.40-4.45/bu Dlvd or $4.23-4.4.28/bu FOB
Feed Wheat - Jun-July $6.20-6.30/bu Dlvd
or $5.98-6.08/bu FOB
#2CW Oats- June-Aug $3.00/bu Dlvd or $2.88/bu FOB
Feed Oats - June-Aug  $2.85-2.95/bu Dlvd
or $2.73-2.83/bu FOB
#2 Green Peas - June-July $8.93/bu Dlvd or $8.71/bu FOB
Sept-Nov $8.93/bu Dlvd or $8.71/bu FOB
#2 Yellow Peas - June $12.93/bu Dlvd or $12.71/bu FOB
Sept-Nov $10.08/bu Dlvd or $9.86/bu FOB

Call today!!!
 Michelle and I got to heat it up on the dance floor for our 10th anniversary, which we celebrated on May 6th. If you'd like to see us sharing a romantic kiss, having a couple drinks and crashing a high school graduation all for the sake of our unending love, check out this little video we made.  :D    - Jared

Jared & Michelle crash Grad 2016
Jared & Michelle crash Grad 2016


   "Other buyers  call me, and I always tell them that the best service I get is from Agfinity, and that you guys are who I market my grain through."
-   James Thompson, Millet, AB

   "Most of our marketing decisions are based off of your newsletter! We really appreciate you sending it out!"
-   Phillip & Glenda Collinge, Lloydminster, SK

   "I really like the personal touch in the newsletter! Thanks for sending that out!"
-  Jim Majeski, Camrose, AB

   "I really enjoy working with you guys and the transparent service you provide!"
-  Kurt Boese, Neilburg, SK

   "For the past five years I've been dealing with the Agfinity group and what a fantastic group of people they are. From number 1 to feed grain and canola. All the buyers at Agfinity can Make it happen. Fast turn around times on every thing. Movement, payment, and the inbetween  that all of us farmers don't see or care about. Good job to the Agfinity crew and keep on buying our grain." 
Drann Hogg, Huxley, AB

   "Thanks for continuing to send out a newsletter. I read right through it every time, and look forward to crop price updates."
-  Orest Hulowski, Perryvale, AB

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June 1, 2016

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