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In October, we kicked off our 2021 - 2022 season of Healing Conversations with a focus on "The Wisdom of Healing Through..." You can watch our previous two conversations at our new Ministry site or on our YouTube Channel.

The intent of our Healing Conversations is to engage in safe and engaging conversations that inspire healing, hope, and awareness around issues that impact our own lives and the lives of others within our communities.
Join us on this Thursday, January 27th at 7:00PM for the next conversation in our series where we will explore the idea of spiritual inclusion.

It seems to be time to look beyond religious diversity for a more collaborative approach. Perhaps we need to shift our focus to one of Spiritual Inclusion with its emphasis on what we all have in common and on those in need.
Diversity should be about exploring and building upon the unique potential of each person rather than highlighting the differences between us. It offers a context and process which is a deliberate advantage for kindness and compassion. It shows how it is possible for us all to work together and at the same time cherish our traditions and perspectives.
Spiritual inclusion welcomes everyone. Spirituality is not the same as religion. Spirituality is simply that part of each of us that connects us to all that is.
Spiritual Inclusion provides a gentler space that can sustain the prophets and truth-seekers of the past – one that unites their sense of goodness, righteousness and love – and that speaks generously to all. We can honor them and share the unified message of love which is found in all religious and philosophical traditions.  
Spiritual Inclusion is an individual plea to collaborate in new ways and include everyone. Spiritual Inclusion offers an exceptional opportunity for each of us and our organizations. For it is us, who need to embrace others if we are to be fully human and achieve our potential.

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Dr. Julio A. Orozco
Director of Clinical Training and Field Placement for Nyack College's Alliance Graduate School of Counseling.
Dr. David C. Stancil
Now retired, Dr. Stancil recently served as Pastor at the Columbia Baptist Fellowship Church in Columbia, Maryland.
Dr. Jamilla Stafford
Christian who feels called to serve the Church by teaching Christian leaders, both clergy and laity, about issues occurring at the intersection of Christian theology and psychology.
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