A chance to pause and reflect
Dear pain warriors,

As a proud advocate for our community and a mother of three, sometimes it's hard to find a moment to pause.

It's even more difficult because, like you, I live with chronic pain. As pain warriors, we have to constantly balance our life and day-to-day responsibilities with our health needs, budgeting time for rest and recuperation, for doctor's appointments and treatments, for important self-care, like preparing a meal that meets our special dietary needs or doing physical therapy exercises.

Things that healthy people never think twice about. Things we'd rather not have to do.

I'm sure you are familiar and know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed.

That's why I'm so grateful for this time of the year. As the holidays wind down and the year comes to an end, we get the rare opportunity to take a deep breath. To pause and reflect.

This week, I'm reflecting on what we accomplished as an organization--thanks to your help--in 2019. To learn a little bit about what we did last year, I encourage you to check out the video above.

Most importantly, though, now is also a chance to start thinking about the year ahead, and how we can keep advancing our mission to serve the pain community. There is so much more work to be done, and so many more pain warriors that need our help.

Here's to 2020, and doing more good than ever before.

Happy New Year, and thank you for your support.

Nicole Hemmenway
Interim CEO
U.S. Pain Foundation

P.S. If you are interested in making a year-end donation, we would be extraordinarily grateful! Learn more and donate here .
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