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May 2022 - Potty Time
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"Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing" is a public awareness and action campaign that helps parents recognize their power to boost their children’s early brain and vocabulary development through simple, everyday actions ... "
Let’s talk about POTTY TIME! Introduce your child to things related to potty time by going on a fun potty-themed scavenger hunt together! Search your home for things like toilet paper, hand soap, and big kid underwear. At the end of the game ask your little one, “What do all the things that we found have in common?” 

Talking is Teaching has tips and resources to help parents talk to their children, even those who are very young. 

Activities For You & Your Little One
Talking is Teaching Tip:

Using a toilet outside of the comfort of home can be a little scary for your potty-training child. Talk about the different signs that help point us to the nearest restroom while out and about. Challenge your little one to point out as many restrooms as they can while out in public places so that they become familiar with potties away from home.
Talking is Teaching Tip:

Start a bathroom band with your little one! Each trip to the potty is a chance to come up with a silly new song to sing about potty time. Celebrate every time your child tries to use the potty by singing, clapping, and dancing to a happy celebration song! 
Talking is Teaching Activity Calendar
Talking is Teaching READING Book & Video Recommendations
Cuddle up with your little one with a book or a video about POTTY TRAINING! Books build connections. That’s why it’s important to read with your little one every day!

Below is a listing of recommended books and videos from Talking is Teaching. If these are unavailable, visit your local library and ask the librarian for ideas. 
Visit Your Local Library and Ask a Librarian

Contact your local library to learn about the FREE resources available to you and your child.

Birch Run - Thomas E. Fleschner Memorial Library 989-624-5171

Breckenridge -  Howe Memorial Library 989-842-3202

Bridgeport - Bridgeport Public Library 989-777-6030

Chesaning Township - River Rapids District Library 989-845-3211

Frankenmuth -  Frankenmuth Wickson District Library 989-652-8323

Hemlock -  Rauchholz Memorial Library 989-642-8621

Merrill -  Merrill District Library 989-643-7300

Saginaw - Public Libraries of Saginaw 989-755-0904

  • Butman-Fish Library 989-799-9160
  • Rudolph C. Zauel Memorial Library 989-799-2771
  • Ruth Brady Wickes Library 989-752-3821

Saint Charles -  Saint Charles District Library 989-865-9371
Sing & Dance with Sesame Street
Sesame Street: Potty Time

Let’s sing about POTTY TIME! Elmo is learning to use the potty too, and his dad makes it fun by singing about this huge milestone. 

Potty Training: Learning to the Use the Toilet
By Zero to Three
Talking to your child before attempting to potty train might make the process go smoother.  

“It is the parent’s responsibility to create a supportive learning environment. This means that you:
Recognize that your child is in control of his or her body
Let your child decide whether to use the potty or a diaper/pull-up each day
Teach your child words for body parts, urine, and bowel movements”

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STEM Passport App & Scavenger Hunt
STEM Pipeline
A STEM-based scavenger hunt is kicking off soon in the region, aimed at getting families and kids engaged in local out-of-school-time learning activities. Organized by the Great Lakes Bay Region STEM Pipeline, the Great Lakes Bay Region STEM Passport app is a dynamic resource for parents, teachers and caregivers to access information about STEM-based activities and events in the region. 

The Great Lakes Bay Region STEM Passport Scavenger Hunt starts next week on Tuesday, May 10 and runs until Saturday, June 18. There will be prizes available for the top number of check-ins on the app, as well as several prize drawings for all participants. 

FREE Summer Activity Books
Michigan Learning Chanel
Summer is full of opportunities to play and learn and we want to make it easy to find inspiring, kid-friendly activities! That’s why we’ve worked with PBS stations and content creators from across the country to bundle up some of our favorite activities into one, easy-to-carry-anywhere book. We hope you and your kids will use this to inspire learning all summer long!

Activity Books are available to print for grades
  • Preschool & Kindergarten
  • 1st - 3rd Grade
  • 4th - 6th Grade

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